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The Electric Mist

Review by Larry Toering

On his third CD, the electro-pop / trip-hop meistro "Metaform" goes all out with a tripnotic love-fest of colossal standards. The one man show steered by American producer, musician, songwriter Justin  Aaron from L.A. (now residing in Tokyo) comes alive on his hottest release to date.

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Track by Track Review
Electric Eyes

Aaron opens the disc with a solid ear opener with brooding electro-vocal hamonies featured over a laid back hypnotic groove.  Explaining what's happening as he's "writing this tune", a flash of light and he sees the eyes. There is little reason not to explore the sonic sounds within after hearing this perfect set up for what's to come.

Revenge of a Nerd
This has a slow enjoyable funky pace with a message to the betraying bullies of society  "Some need to hate on you" as he pleads "am I getting through?" Anyone can relate here.
Founded on heavy bass with watery vocals and popping beats, a very wicked rap keeps it together but it ends too soon. I want some more candy, please.
This has nice keys and a trippy repeated vocal - very exotic.  It’s worth revisiting several times in a row but the intriguing sampling makes one wonder what the title suggests the track is about.
My Love
Things pick way up here with a big chorus and a very crossover effort with an odd fade away.  This is easy on anyone's ears.
I Dreamt of the Machine
There are more great sounds on this smooth track, full of big beats and female soul vocal samples and other cool effects. It’s one of the highlights of the disc, a sensory blasting treat.
It's Gotta Be
Dual vocal tracking is done to a satisfying effect, this is where things are really peaking. This is one of several tracks that could be two to three times longer, easily.
Secretly Alone
This is another slow funk with a booming and scratching pace, trippy skipping and booming back and forth but there are no particularly exciting points. You still can't help but like it.
Pop the Trunk
This has an interesting sort of vintage digital sound with a very unique vocal, light and spacey with a compelling hook. It’s a fluffy little number with an almost pop sensibility. 
Door Number One
Things pick back up with another highlight, probably as good as things get overall.  This is another that’s easy to revisit time and again.
An organic vibe adds a classy touch to what is already a very colorful mix of jams.
Premonition 2010 (featuring Azeem)
Getting an urban rap on with "Azeem" really keeps things spicy as we go on a fun yet seriously deep ride. Oozing perfection throughout, it's a winner.
Strange Girl
An epic Metaform track, this is absolutely sublime with more enjoyable dual track vocals. This is where the listener's mind is made up, it's another winner.
The Machine Approaches
A soothing outro ends the disc with pure relaxation, a nice mellow way of rounding out this first class recording. Yet another piece that could stand to be a few times longer, and that's really the only thing Metaform's The Electric Mist is missing.
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