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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Bill Mumy

Glorious in Defeat

Review by Gary Hill

I really like Bill Mumy’s music. He’s far from a one trick pony with one disc leaning in a certain direction and the next one in another. This album is mostly a blues one and it’s quite tasty. The blues stylings tend toward the traditional and there are folk and classic rock oriented cuts, too. All in all, this quite a tasty disc that should please blues fans, rock fans and of course anyone who is already hooked on the musical world that is Bill Mumy.

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Track by Track Review
Stolen Love

This is very much an old school blues number. It’s got a great gritty element and is really quite cool.

Can't Complain
There is still a bluesy air to this, but it’s more melodic and mellow and there are also some hints of progressive rock on show.
I Changed My Mind
With a mellow piano driven melody, this is a tasty number. The blues is pretty well washed out and in some ways this makes me think of Bob Dylan meets The Beatles with a little Randy Newman thrown into the mix.
Rely On That
Here’s a more bluesy number once more. This is more of a rocker and it’s tasty. I hear some of the old bluesy Fleetwood Mac built into this.
All Wound Up
This one is also very cool and very blues oriented. The old Fleetwood Mac reference wouldn’t be out of place here, either.
A moody track, this has a lot of psychedelic folk built into it. It’s different and one of my favorites on the disc. Yes, it’s understated, but it’s also quite tasty. It’s also an interesting change of pace.
Is It Me
Mumy returns to the blues roots with this balladic, acoustic blues jam. It’s another awesome tune.
A Hundred Good Reasons
While there is still plenty of blues on this it’s also got a lot of classic rock. This is a tasty cut.
Slide blues is on the menu here. This is a very tasty cut that feels like it could have come from John Mayall or any number of blues rocker in the 1960s.
Hear My Memory Scream
An acoustically driven number, this is quite powerful. It’s slow and mellow and yet full of emotion. There’s a harmonica solo and the song is not full blues, but has a lot of blues in the mix.
Try So Hard
We get another bluesy rocker. It’s not a big change, or anything we haven’t heard before, but it’s cool.
We Don't Want The Same Things Anymore
A slow blues, this reminds me of some of the bluesier Led Zeppelin songs and even BB King a bit. It’s a tasty cut.
Love In Vain Blues
This is just a stripped down, tasty acoustic blues number.
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