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Dirt in the Skirt

Review by Gary Hill

If you like hard rock that teeters between metal and punk, this one’s probably a great fit. With the female vocals comparisons to Joan Jett are often appropriate, but there’s a lot more than that going on here. While the musical style might seem limiting, this never gets redundant or boring. All in all, it’s an album that starts off strong and doesn’t waver.

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Track by Track Review
Spread That Eagle

An energized rocker, this occupies the space between metal and punk rock. It’s got a shouted gang chorus that’s a little generic, but still works. In some ways this reminds me of a more powered up Joan Jett. There’s a killer guitar solo on the track and the lyrics are pretty raunchy.

Dirt In The Skirt
The metal is pretty well removed from this number. It’s basically a punk rock tune based on an old time rock and roll kind of riffing.
Faster And Faster
There’s neither heavy metal or punk on this number. It’s more of a straightahead rock sound that’s not that far removed from some early Kiss.
Hungry As Hell
The overall menu hasn’t been changed much. This is raw hard rock that’s got elements of metal and punk. It’s a little similar to Motorhead or Girlschool.
Furious in its tempo, this one is very much pure punk rock. It’s a pounding piece. The guitar solo section, though, is more metal than anything else.
Shakin’ Up Saturday
Mixing a stripped down hard rock sound with old school metal, this is tasty. It again has some links to the sound of Joan Jett. In fact, the chorus really feels like something she would have done. There’s a jam later in the cut that seems rather like Judas Priest.
Master Of Disaster
A raw hard rock sound pervades this tune. It’s very energized and gritty. It’s also quite cool.
Fat N Greasy
Much more metallic, this makes me think of Girlschool. Still, there are a few parts that call to mind early Blue Oyster Cult.
Rock N Roll Ain't A Crime
This one falls more into the hard rock (without a lot of punk or metal) vein. It’s a bit generic, but also quite tasty. Somehow the main riff seems a bit like something from Rush’ first album. In fact, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch of the imagination to hear this as coming from that one.
Rock Your City
The disc closes with one of the hardest rockers of the set. At times this seems a bit like Ace of Spades era Motorhead, but there are other things, too. The guitar solo section has a definite 1970s hard rock element to it.
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