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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Painting The Prototype

The ProtoHype

Review by Gary Hill

I am sure there are people out there who will disagree with this falling under the heading of progressive rock. It’s got an electronica element driving it. For my money, though, this is not far removed from Kraftwerk, and I’d include them under progressive rock. In fact, the best way to describe this in a nutshell would be Kraftwerk with a groove. Just like Kraftwerk there are vocals, but they are all synthesized.

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Track by Track Review
Time Stamp It

An extended symphonic introduction gives way to a bouncing kind of electronica that’s not that far removed from the sound of The Buggles. There is a cool bass guitar like element that’s funky. Synthesized vocals come across this mix and all in all it has a bit of a Tangerine Dream element, too. It works through several different sections and is an intriguing cut.

Peter's Dance Moves
Somehow the synthesized vocals on this call to mind Alan Parsons, but the music is more of a funk meets club sound. When it drops back to a full on vocal (synthesized) treatment with just the rhythm section accompanying it, it calls to mind Kraftwerk. This one also works through several changes and variants and gets quite symphonic at times.
The percussion on this is rather crazed and the piece has a lot more of a “rock” presence. There is also plenty of electronica and house music built into the number. In a lot of ways this is one of the most diverse and dynamic pieces on the album.
Bouncy and fun, this is a lot like Kraftwerk. This isn’t as diverse as some of the other numbers, but it does have its share of changes.
Stars On Fire
They take us through some cool keyboard driven changes and alterations here.
False Romance
Nothing big is changed here, but this track is perhaps a bit catchier than some of the others. It also has some of the cooler keyboard soloing.
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