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Frozen Ocean

Frozen Ocean

Review by Scott Montgomery

I found this band after listening to their music on their My Space site. It sounded so good and different from what I was listening to that I requested a promo copy for review. This is a great album with a natural consciousness. The acoustic guitar blends so well with the electric throughout this album. The theme is all about feeling things from a real perspective as opposed to our growing virtual world. It focuses on the desire to bring back the feelings we seem to have left behind as we embrace more and more of the virtual world. This is an excellent album full of emotion for the globe and all of its essential resources. This album transfers the energy it desires to share. It is highly recommended.

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Track by Track Review
Banker’s War

Cool acoustic chords blend well with the electric guitar providing background support. Then the vocals enter, “The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.” It’s a commentary on the current state of political and societal affairs. The music is acoustic driven and earthy. “No more war. No more violence.” Then we are treated to a wonderful instrumental mix of acoustic and electric lead guitar as the drums add support. This is an excellent way to open an album full of emotion and virtuoso guitar playing.

Can’t Beat This Feeling
Based on slow acoustic guitar, drums and vocals, Robert Ocean’s vocals again impart a deep feeling for the music. This is an attempt, with acoustic guitar, to bring back the feeling of living life to its fullest.
Dangerous Ground
Excellent electric guitar and acoustic guitar mix on this. “Six degrees warmer / A global meltdown.” This is a very emotional appeal to change.
The acoustic guitar mixed with the electric really does capture that feeling of getting back to nature and what we have taken for granted. “Forgetting your past and living your now.” That line captures the essence of the album’s theme perfectly. The guitar solos are spectacular.
Find Your Way
Electric lead guitar is featured this time with acoustic supporting so well. Ocean’s vocals bring back reminders of A-Ha’s Morten Harket. He has a similar delivery. That is particularly apparent when compared to Harket’s vocals on “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.”
Innocence Broken
One of the epics on the album at 7:17, this starts off with epic chords from the acoustic along with some grinding electric guitar. The grinding electric guitar coupled with the acoustic is just something you have to hear to fully appreciate.
Mother Earth
There is a great playful acoustic and electric opening to this song, despite the warning lyrics. “It’s not enough to know we’re doing wrong to this world.” The acoustic and the percussion mix well to provide a flamenco feel that makes this one of the best songs on an album of strong numbers. The guitar riffs and solos are just incredible.
Song Bird
Amazing acoustic guitar and percussion sounds open this awesome song. This one has the feel and sound of Jeff Martin’s solo work or some of the acoustic music from the Canadian band Tea Party. The intricate guitar work is well worth the price of admission.
Soul Divine
More beautiful, dreamy acoustic guitar is featured here.  You can just see these guys playing this out on the shoreline of Spanish Banks up in British Columbia by the fireside. “Mesmerized by the fire in her eyes / Feel her crashing waves.” Yes, it captures the spirit of the experience well.g.
Extreme Ice
A wondrous and wandering acoustic guitar solo is used to open the closing piece of this epic album full of feeling and emotion. This is an instrumental full of intricate acoustic and electric guitar and percussion work. It’s a perfect way to close the album; full of feelin
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