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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Scott’s Garage

Soul Magnet

Review by Gary Hill

Scott’s Garage is an intriguing band, at least based on this, their second album. The music has a texture that’s not that far removed from bands like Stone Temple Pilots, but there’s a definite pop rock edge to it. Lots of psychedelia permeates much of the disc. They call themselves a “power pop” band, and certainly that fits to a large degree. It doesn’t really capture the full essence of who the band is, though. While there’s not a lot of variance from song to song, this is the kind of disc that just works, beginning to end.

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Track by Track Review
Soul Magnet

The title track leads this disc off with a smoking hot classic rock feeling. There’s a bit of a grunge edge to it, too, but also lots of 1960s psychedelia, too. It’s a great hard rocking introduction to the disc. There’s a killer psychedelic guitar solo built into this beast.

The Girl With the Yippy Dog
While the main sound hasn’t been dramatically changed, this is a bit more modern in texture and more pop rock oriented. It’s a good tune, with a little less hard rocking edge.
December Stars
This one’s a lot mellower, with a real classic rock ballad approach. It’s a cool tune, but not all that different from the stuff that preceded it.
You Were Such A Tool (I Remember High School)
The chorus on this has an almost emo texture. Otherwise this is more of the same. Still, when it’s this good, it doesn’t get old. The extended guitar solo section on this is particularly worth mentioning. The guitar work calls to mind Eric Clapton’s best and the bass line that accompanies is smoking hot.
A real hard rocker, this has a lot of a grunge meets psychedelia element to it.
Wasting Time
Here we get a real classic rock ballad. This feels like it could have fit well in the 1970s. It’s a nice change of pace. In some ways it reminds me a bit of something from Alice Cooper, but there’s more a Beatles-kind of vibe to some of the over-layers.
Add Me As Your Friend
A sign of the times, this is all about adding someone as a friend on social networking. It’s a melodic tune that’s a lot of fun. It’s fun and tasty and a great change of pace. It’s really a pop rock tune that’s more purely modern than some of the other music here. That said, there are still classic rock elements to be heard.
Rosetta Stone
A mellow and melodic piece, this is not quite a ballad, but not really a rocker.
Based on a smoking hot, hard rocking groove, the riff that drives this is really classic. The cut reminds me a lot of classic T-Rex, but with a modern edge to it.
Time To Think
This feels a lot like something from Stone Temple Pilots, but with a classic rock edge to it.
High Above the Fray
Here’s another cut that’s not that different from the previous one, but with a bit more of an old school rock and roll texture. The bass line to this is quite cool.
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