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Beady Eye

Different Gear, Still Speeding

Review by Mark Johnson

Beady Eye includes singer Liam Gallagher, guitarist Gem Archer, and bassist Andy Bell, who were once the core members of Oasis from 1999-2009. Chris Sharrock plays drums and Archer and Bell take turns on keyboards. The band will be playing the Isle of Wight Festival in June 2011.

I am an Oasis fan and when I heard they were breaking up I was interested to see if there might be splinter groups formed. This is the first project I have heard from the band and it is a great start. The Beatles sound continues with this project and Liam Gallagher brings forth the spirit of John Lennon many times throughout this album.

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Track by Track Review
Four Letter Word

They waste no time lifting this project off the ground with “Four Letter Word.”A knock down, take no prisoners rock explosion, it’s as if Oasis never stopped making music. Power guitar and drums are led by Gallagher’s Lennon – like vocals. You can feel their desire to make rocking music in every note. They have been away from the studio for too long.


“Millionaire” slows things down to a Beatles/Oasis rhythm. “Shining like the sun / you just need to know yourself.” Yes, this is a good, uplifting song.

The Roller

Featuring John Lennonesque vocals in every way, "The Roller," is one of the best songs on the album. The piano is excellent. It’s as if the Beatles never stopped making music.

Beatles and Stones

Well, we had the warm up, now let’s go over the waterfall and embrace the “Beatles and Stones” in full force. The piano and guitars bring back so many memories. If you’re a fan of either band you’ll love this. Whether or not this outfit will last as long, still remains to be seen. (of course, for The Beatles, that’s really only seven or eight years. The Stones, however, that’s a legacy! – ed.)

Wind Up Dream

That opening riff is familiar, but I can’t place it exactly, but “Wind Up Dream,” will bring back memories of the melody of “Money, (That’s What I Want).” The harmonica is a perfect addition to the sound.

Bring the Light

“Bring the Light” is the first big single. It features Jerry Lee Lewis-like keys, with great rocking drums and Gallagher’s vocals driving the emotion, along with those Lennon/McCartney -like guitar chords. It’s as if the early 60s British invasion never ended.

For Anyone

"For Anyone” had to have been inspired by the McCartney side of the greatest band on earth. It’s the kind of song he might have written in the early 60s. “I’m never giving up, until the dream is real.”

Kill For a Dream

The best song on the album for me is the track “Kill For a Dream”. This sounds like it might have been meant for an Oasis album. The lyrics are up to the high level I remember from some of their best songs. “Life’s too short not to forgive / You can carry regrets but they won’t let you live / I’m here if you want to call.” The strings add great emotion to the track. That Beatles electric guitar riff and the “nah, nah, nah”s towards the end make this one perfect.

Standing On the Edge of the Noise

“Standing On the Edge of the Noise” launches off fast and wild like it was recorded live. This is another great Oasis/Beatles sounding song. It features great guitar and drums and is full of excitement and power.


Drums and slow rhythm open “Wigwam.” “I can see way beyond the stars / Open up your eyes.” A mystic, “Tomorrow Never Knows” like mood embraces the mid – section of this one along with the repeated verse, “I’m coming out,”which again brings back more Beatles comparisons.

Three Ring Circus

More of that cool Beatles beat rings through on “Three Ring Circus.”

The Beat Goes On

And so it does, despite the Beatles being gone as a band, Oasis, and now Beady Eye continue the message and sound. This is another Lennonesque song and one of the best pieces on the album. That “Imagine,” “someday all the world will sing my song,” feeling comes through. The piano, drums, and guitar play, as Gallagher sings “I’m the last of a dying breed” with passion.

The Morning Son

“The Morning Son” is a fantastic Oasis – like closer. The complete and warming sound of the acoustic guitar and tambourine just mellow this one out perfectly. The echo effect is excellent, “I stand alone.” Then the electric guitar and string sounds add drama to the production as the power and magnitude of the piece builds. “So let it be / You go your way and I’ll go mine.” The drums and building power of the finale is awesome. Hopefully it’s not the end of Oasis, but the beginning of an interesting new project.

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