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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Danielle Bloom

Meet Me in the Middle

Review by Mark Johnson

Nashville based Danielle Bloom, describes herself as a “kick-a**, hard driving, rock-n-roll goddess,” on her MySpace page. “Danielle grew up singing in the choir and touring the church festival scene, but she shed her choir robes for corsets and cut-offs and hit the rock scene hard, never looking back.” She made her first pop record when she was 16 and later sang the national anthem at an Atlanta Braves game. 

Bloom has a voice which is a good mix between Alana Miles and Melissa Etheridge. Her voice has the power of an Anne Wilson at times on this album. This is a good disc of rockers full of passion and power. Bloom fills the role of strong female lead vocalist well, and she is supported by a great band.  This is a solid rock performance and showcase for a new talented rock vocalist.

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Track by Track Review
I Give Up

AC-DC–like electric guitar chords open “I Give Up,” before Bloom’s sultry “yeah” cuts through the sound. Power drums and great lead guitar are featured as Bloom stretches out those vocal chords with full on power. “I need you to change my direction / I give you everything / It’s all for you.” There are tasty keys at the end to simmer things down. This is a great power opener to kick things off.

Tell Me Why

More good power guitar chords, drums and organ get “Tell Me Why” off to a rocking good start. “Tell me why you gotta lie to get what you want.” The music is show stopping, as Bloom’s rocking vocals drive hard and fast and, at times, match the volume of the guitars.


“You” starts off with Bloom, “these days are numbered / My path isn’t clear.”  The track features more power drums, guitars and Bloom delivering emotion and energy through her voice. “Never gonna let you take away the things that I worked to get today / Never gonna lie awake again.” She sounds so strong and determined.


One of the best songs on the album is “Believe.” The guitar solos and drum rhythms are great. “Even the hardest of hearts grows to believe in what is never shown.” A good, slow paced, deep song, this declares what Bloom holds close, and is delivered with passionate vocals.


Rocking guitars and Bloom’s wild screaming rip open “Revolution” brilliantly. This features power guitar and drums with good supporting strength on vocals, “Come on now people we got something to live for / Stop complaining about your situation / Let’s start a revolution / You and me!”

Meet Me in the Middle

“Meet Me in the Middle,” the title track, is another rocker full of those AC-DC- styled guitars.

Chain Me

Cool guitar and Bloom’s vocals open “Chain Me.” “Don’t take my dreams and put them in a box.” This is a song about controlling men, delivered with strength and passion. “I told you I won’t be pushed around.”

I Don’t Care

“I Don’t Care” opens with a cool organ sound and a nice beat. “I don’t care what you think of me.” Nice sax adds flavor to the sound. This features great backing choir–like vocals and some excellent guitar and drum work. It is easily the best song on the album for me.

Another Night

Beautiful piano and soft drums open “Another Night,” representing a real change of pace after all the rockers on this album. It is a balladic love lost song. It is also one of the best tunes on the album. Bloom’s powerful vocals are tempered with more raw emotion. The guitar work, again, is very good.

Black White

Very cool grinding guitars let loose a tasty “wah, wah,” rhythm to open “Black White.” “Are you being led around by that hook in your mouth?” Bloom pulls out all the stops to finish off the album with power and strut.

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