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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jeff Healey

Get Me Some

Review by Larry Toering

After a blessed life for its creator, Jeff Healey's music will never die. It remains firmly in the front of the minds of fans world-wide. This fine release was recorded in 2000 and mastered by the great Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NY. Every track is filled with the unmistakable magic that for which Healey was famous and it stands the test of time without question. He had an excellent band who deserve credit as well.  The music world lost a truly gifted artist and a massively generous man when Healey died. He will be forever missed.  From first note to last, Get Me Some is more than enough to keep the memory of this great artist alive and well. Eagle Records always deliver the goods, and from this release, a portion of the sales are donated to charity.

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Track by Track Review
Which One

The opening track comes equipped with a sharp guitar swipe intro and that signature Jeff Healey vocal charm that somehow makes nothing else matter. This cut deals with the lack of decisive minds in the world today. It addresses the borderline personality casualties, along with the notion of who might ultimately be responsible for it, after all. It’s a great opener with clever subject matter to kick things off.

Hey Hey
This song starts with a lovely riff and that beautifully matched tone of Healey's. The riff gets a proper run after the first verse, before the slow infectious vibe takes over and it's pure ecstasy! I just love his tonal delivery on this. It’s as if he's one with the music, simply brilliant! "You got to do it now / before the feeling is gone..." There is this sort of vision of the future he had that comes out in the lyrics, very inspiring.
Love Is The Answer
This is one of my favorites, and again it's because of the lyrics. There is something everyone can identify with here. This is a very moving piece that addresses the overall answer to life for those who believe it. By now Healey has the listener in tears, as usual. This one touches the soul with every terrific note.
My Life Story
Here is another well written account of a man's homage to his better half. This has a memorable hook in the chorus and a sizzling hot guitar solo from Healey. The songwriting gets more interesting and anticipatory as things continue.
I Tried
This is a slower ballad with that same heartfelt approach around which the entire disc is built. This is also another track to which just about anyone can relate. It's all about satisfaction and what to do when it only goes one way in the end.
The Damage Is Done
Keeping the same tempo, this deals with aftermath in heartless relationships where things happen that can't be walked away from without recourse. Beware of the damage done, it's probably too late.
Feel Better
This is another favorite, a track that I understand in every way, and something I often refer to as a healing phrase. There is no getting way from the sensations felt when listening to this. It is a serious blast of reality - absolutely outstanding!
Holding On
A nice blues guitar carries this entire track with yet another heartfelt vocal. This is up there with the best here. On the chorus Healey cracks perfectly in the same place every time - simply magical!
I Should Have Told You
If there hasn't already been enough here to satisfy the soul, again Healey saves day with his humble charm. He tends to remind himself on this and a few other numbers, how things could be different if one little thing didn't happen. It all catches up with us, and that is clearly the message.
Macon Georgia Blue
The personal element is most evident by now on all of the tracks on the disc, as things get more and more like a memoir. There is an acoustic guitar solo here that seems to burn the ears. This is all about dream chasing while bound for glory. This is one of a few here that wasn't written by The Jeff Healey Band.
House Is Burning Down
This tune takes a bit of a different approach, and it adds a spicy twist. Written by Mark Holmes, this one has a great chorus. A huge bass and some nifty guitar work are the main things that make this track sizzle.
Runaway Heart
This is another killer song that wasn't penned by the band, but fits the disc perfectly. Healey shows how good he was at taking something and making it all his own. The vocals here are once again chilling.
Rachel's Song
The disc closes with another favorite of mine, a ballad about his daughter that brings a tear to the eye. What a beautiful lullaby, this is so good it's almost surreal. These tracks will always be cherished along with the entire Jeff Healey Band catalog.
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