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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Electric Outlet


Review by Larry Toering

This is a great prog fusion band from Finland, and this import is from 2006. What's been sleeping here is a fantastic display of musicianship of the world class order that must be exposed. Every one of these guys puts in a top notch performance on this masterpiece. There is no losing the groove at every twist and turn as the listener is treated to a big piece of ear candy on this funky journey.

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Track by Track Review
“The Big Lebowski” gets a plug to begin the album and one of the first things you notice right off the bat is the Joe Satriani and Steve Vai approach, yet somehow with a complete great band feel, rather than like something from a solo artist. And the rest is all roses, done in pure prog/fusion fashion. This is wild and insanely good. Lots of funk fills the air, with a heavy rock vibe and a smooth jazz touch that won't quit. And there are some cool effects that take it out.
This features some fantastic percussion that establishes just what is to come in that department. It's a repeated riff that keeps the groove rolling. This has another fine arrangement with both traditional and modern factors. The bass line really holds its own as well, and the keyboards give a showing similar in stature to the percussion. This is very cool.
Odd Garage
A bit of technical noise and a loud drum beat almost threaten to menace but things turn out nice and mellow on this smooth jazzy piece with tons of character and a lot of keyboard guitar sparring. Like the opening track it's pretty long, about a generous nine minutes, and one couldn't ask for more as things go on to extraordinary levels.
We Need a Plan
Things kick way back up a few notches and the keyboard work leads this one throughout, with a lot of organ and fuzzy guitar work. Things end with Samual L. Jackson's voice from another movie, although I can’t think of the title.
Wanna Energy
This is a very cool little thirty one seconds of noises and an electronic voice that repeats the titles as it fades into the next track.
This begins with a voice recording that says “time for some tekky funk” and things go into a less than expected exercise but that voice spices it up with “tekky Funk” being repeated off and on throughout. This jam actually resembles Bootsy Collins.
Golf III
More really cool effects open this frantic number with amazing energy on display. It just cruises along nicely for one of the most satisfying tracks on offer, with its tremendous groove and hypnotic back beat. This is undeniably awesome.
Miles Ahead
This is another thirty six seconds to set up the next track, with a keyboard warble and a distorted male voice that repeats the word “jazz.”
Miles Away
The whole thing wraps up with this smooth piece that doesn't take a thing away from the rest of these tight and funky, yet rocking tunes.
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