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Review by Gary Hill

Vajra’s brand of progressive rock is unique and powerful. Comparisons to Tool are a good place to start, but the female vocals lend something entirely different to the picture. In addition, the space rock atmosphere’s are awesome. This is more or less a combination of Tool, space rock, modern progressive rock and bits of world and tribal sounds. There aren’t huge differences from song to song, but that doesn’t mean this feels redundant by any means. It’s a powerful disc that entertains from

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Track by Track Review
Inside the Flame

Alternating between atmospheric sounds, space rock and heavier music like Tool, this is quite a cool ride. The vocals are strong and also convey a wide range.

Almost One

This cut isn’t as diverse as the previous number, but rather is a magical piece of atmosphere that has a lot of that Tool sound mixed with space rock. The closing section is atmospheric with almost tribal percussion.


An instrumental, this is atmospheric spacey and quite tasty.


With a rubbery rhythm section this is a killer tune. In fact, as good as everything leading up to it is, this is a step up. It has Tool like sounds, but other parts almost feel like Rush. Still, we get more of that tribal element. This is just a really awesome piece of music that works extremely well.


While there are no massive changes here, this is another strong cut that showcases the amazing sound of this band.

Erode the Will

They turn it more purely melodic here with another killer groove.


The vocals on this really soar and it has a real space rock meets Tool approach. It’s another killer tune on a disc that’s full of them.

See Through You

There is a lot more mellow atmospheric music in place on this number. It’s got some great overlayers of sound. It’s one of the highlights of the set as far as I’m concerned. It works out to one of the heaviest movements of the whole disc at the end.

Akkord Pleromy

Percussive and atmospheric, this piece of instrumental space really breaks things up nicely.

The Apple

Another powerful cut, this more purely progressive rock oriented than some of the others here. Still, there are plenty of the usual suspects on hand, too. It’s one of the more dynamic cuts and one of the highlights of the set.

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