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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Clark Colborn

Featuring Melissa Ridgeway - Superstition (Digital Single)

Review by Larry Toering

A classic Stevie Wonder tune gets the full-on transformation into a different realm here as far as I'm concerned. I can't see how anyone would listen to this just once, it's that good. Clark Colborn once again releases a single, after two amazing albums and a recent cover of  the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” which I also reviewed in a recent issue. From beginning to end the energy is at full maximum pace. Being new to the vocalist (Melissa Ridgeway) on this single myself, I can say that she is awesome, but to describe the track without giving everything away isn't easy. 

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Track by Track Review

For one, the rhythm is played in the form of a riff that doesn't really follow the melody until it kicks into funk formation following the first verse. After that, Colborn owns all to be had in that department. All of a sudden he flies throughout the rest of it like a madman, pulling off a rocked up version that practically reinvents the classic in a totally different style without losing the original R&B substance. This includes bass and drum licks beefing it all up, and then a blast of Led Zeppelin's “Whole Lotta Love” to really stamp a huge twist on it. He pulls it all off without slaughtering such a universally well loved song. No matter how you slice Colborn, with or without vocals, he is a monster musician with chops as big as they come. That pretty much sums this amazing effort up, other than my belief this should be a hit record and catapult this amazing artist into his intended class, which is categorically first. I've noticed a trend with the cover, too. There seem to be some items relating to the title hidden among the stones, clouds and other things.

(Editor's Note - Music Street Journal is set up for the allocation of albums, not singles - particularly not one-song singles. So, in the instances, like this one, where we've covered single song releases, we've had to make some adaptations for formatting. In the case of this one, just imagine both track review and overall review reading as one set of copy. )
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