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Review by Larry Toering

Yusif is an artist from Seattle, with roots in Kuwait. While categorizing his music isn’t something that comes obviously or easily, it's also not all that hard to feel a strong influence from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Americana is making a huge statement lately in the Pacific North West, and this is not far from that, along with its massive AOR potential. This is certainly an effort made in that department, but done so with complete originality somehow. Why an artist like this isn't more exposed is just another industry mystery.

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Track by Track Review
Third World Soldier
This is a solid opener with a lot of pop appeal going for it, but heavy handed when exploring the lyrical content that doesn't vibe as well as it could. There is no denying the point here as it comes on strong and gets across perfectly either way.
Come On Down
Another solid track is delivered here with much of the same appeal that makes it easily as good, but perhaps less lyrically comprehensive.
This automatically goes into a whole different groove, as a more eclectic tune lies here. I really like this one. There is nothing mainstream about this, yet it still manages to keep it together for a fantastic number.
More eclectic tale telling is in abundance here, as another fine tune is delivered with absolute perfection. This one contains more of a progressive folk vibe, but it's still just an inflection. This is simply another fine track with a lot to offer in the way of narration from Yusif.
My Heart Is Yours Forever
This is akin to Tom Petty on steroids, and that is not such a bad thing.
Reach Out
Now this kicks things up out of nowhere with a much faster and more intense approach. This is the most straight forward tune of any kind on here, and probably sticks to being more of an overall rock sound. It’s the big protest/political track of the disc. This is killer, that's all there is to it. It is undeniably awesome!
Sorry I Can't
This is a ballad, and contains a little more Petty sounding factors. This is just another satisfying track along with the rest on offer.
Take Your Love (And Go)
The influences to be felt throughout the set seem to be fully combined here. One could say that this is one big homage to Yusif's influences, but if it is, it's a mighty fine one.
Cosmic Symphony
This has a real vacation sort of feel to it, like starting over and making a clean slate. It has that progressive feel written all over it, as it goes the distance in showing all that is on display here, meaning a lot of styles somehow wrapped into one. This is yet another interesting track. In a nutshell, it's one of the best songs on offer.
Fools Know Better

This isn't the most exciting number on the disc, but it winds the entire showing down very well. Perhaps it could have been placed elsewhere in order to really show the full effort made on what is indeed a fine recording.

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