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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Goldenbats II

Review by Gary Hill

Atmospheric music, this was a little tough to review for Music Street Journal. That’s because all four pieces run together with no separation as one track, making it tough to do a track by track because I don’t know where one starts or ends. So, for that reason, I’ll list the titles, but other than the last one – see the song listing – none of them will have anything in the description section. Overall, this is more like background music than something to listen intently to. It changes pretty slowly and remains quite textural throughout. This starts with very atmospheric, ambient textures and builds gradually upward. It doesn’t really build up far, though, rather remaining as a glacially slow, fairly subtle bit of musical texture. Bits of melody emerge here and there, but overall this is all about the atmospherics. It drops to near silence after a while then a bass line builds up from there. Still, this doesn’t go anywhere in a hurry, with it remaining atmospheric. There are more bits of melody that emerge as this continues.

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Track by Track Review
Movement One – Paleogene

Movement Two - Neogene

Movement Three – Quaternary

Movement Four - ******
The title to this track is actually made up of a series of characters perhaps Asian script that I don’t seem able to reproduce (or even copy and paste) here.
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