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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Fifth Estate

Time Tunnel

Review by Gary Hill

There are some great tunes here. The music is essentially old time rock music with psychedelia, punk and other sounds in the mix. The only problem is that after a while the sound tends to get a little tired. These guys have a lot of potential and when it really gels, it’s great. It just has a tendency towards mediocrity at times.

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Track by Track Review
Time Tunnel

While there is a bit of a punk edge to this, overall it’s just a good hard rocking, roots rock tune. It’s almost power pop in some ways. Still, there’s a bit of a psychedelic element at play, too. While this is not Earth shattering, it’s quite entertaining and catchy.

It's Not Right (long version)

This seems to live in the same musical territory as a lot of early Beatles, but there’s also a bit of the Kinks in the mix. It’s another good tune, without being really original.

Crazy Little Thing

This rocker is really a rockabilly jam. It’s tasty and some of the guitar playing reminds me of Chuck Berry.

One of a Kind

Although the psychedelically tinged hard rock sound (with hints of surf guitar) on this isn’t revolutionary or a huge change, some of the guitar melodies over the top lend some serious character to the piece. That sets this up as one of the best on the disc.


From one standout to another, this is still set in retro styles, but it’s more balladic. Still, it’s essentially a retro power ballad. It’s got a lot of style and charm.

Things Change

Although cut from much the same cloth, this is a cool tune. It’s pretty catchy.

She's a Devil

A cool rock sound opens this and they build out from there in fine fashion. Somehow this reminds me a bit of the best of BTO. It’s got some tasty guitar soloing.

Missing Something

Here’s another straightforward rock and roller. It’s a cool tune, but just not all that special.

Perfect World

A vocal section starts this, but the guitar part that follows it feels like The Beatles. This turns out to a more stripped back sound from there. This does call to mind The Beatles a bit. Still, it’s a bit of variety at the same time. There are some cool bits of psychedelia in this later, too.

Rockin Tonight

This one really feels like a 1980s rocker, perhaps a bit like The Romantics. It’s OK, but really just not anything very original or unique. It gets some psychedelia at one point, and a honky tonk piano and rock and roll guitar solo bring some rockabilly to the table, too.

You Came Along

Mellower and more melodic, this is somewhat more modern. Still, there are elements of this that make me think of The Byrds.

See If She Dances

Here’s another adequate rocker. It’s melodic and reasonably tasty. It’s all starting to feel a bit samey at this point, though. Still, this has some tasty guitar work and good vocals.

Just Talk
This energetic rocker is really kind of uneventful, except for the fact that it has some nice harmonica playing on it. Parts of this make me think of The Monkees, really.
Supreme Confusion

They definitely saved the best for last. The riff that drives this is classic and the cut is very much a psychedelic stomper. It’s an awesome tune. Talk about ending the album on a high note.


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