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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Pontus H.W. Gunve

Cavalry of Camels (Digital Single)

Review by Jason Hillenburg

Superbly produced and the product of advanced songwriting skills, Pontus Gunve's single "Calvary of Camels" has a progressive rock flavor, but there's a much subtler process working here than pouring old wine into new bottles. This sounds closer to synthesization - the disparate strains of progressive rock sensibilities, Third World percussion, rock guitar, and orchestral music merging into a unique hybrid. If it reminds me of any one, it owes its allegiance to the 1980s version of King Crimson.

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Track by Track Review
Cavalry of Camels
The command of dynamics is impeccable. Dramatic swells of sound explore the limits of tension and release to spectacular effect. The percussion is quite outstanding and provides solid bedrock for Gunve's wall of sound. The mood of the piece is neither dark nor gloomy; instead, the music's movement suggests grandeur and depth. Gunve's limit testing produces consistently compelling results.

(Editor's Note - Music Street Journal is set up for the allocation of albums, not singles - particularly not one-song singles. So, in the instances, like this one, where we've covered single song releases, we've had to make some adaptations for formatting. In the case of this one, just imagine both track review and overall review reading as one set of copy. )

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