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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Bridging the Gap EP

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve always been a big fan of reggae. I loved Bob Marley. I also have embraced the trend of rap merging with hip hop. This set seems to take it a bit further, into more straightforward R&B based hip hop. The result is quite good. Personally, I think that at some times the production is a bit over the top, pulling it too far into the modern trendy sounds. That means it will probably seem dated down the road. Whatever that result, though, this is a good set that’s fun to listen to. It has lots of layers of strong vocals.

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Track by Track Review
This one has plenty of reggae in the mix, but does get closer to the modern urban sound. The production seems a little over the top, but clearly not to the point of being a distraction. In fact, I’d consider this to be a standout tune. It’s a great way to start things, too.  
Is This Love
Guitar sounds start this out and the arrangement is a bit more stripped back. It’s got an urban vibe and a lot of layers of vocals. The rap is solid. There’s less reggae on this, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. It’s actually one of the other highlights here. There is almost a jazz element to it at times, too. All in all, this is another cool song on a disc full off cool songs. The chorus to this is especially infectious.
Darkness (featuring Kabaka Pyramid)

While this suffers a bit from the over the top production thing, the reggae rapping here is so strong that it makes me forget all about that. This has a great groove and some killer vocals. It’s arguably the best tune on this set. And, there’s nothing weak here. That means this is an exceptional tune.

My Love for You (featuring Chronixx)

This seems a little overly trendy in the arrangement. The music and vocals feel pretty processed. That’s kind of the pop radio thing these days. The problem is, there are some good vocal hooks here and lots of layers of sound. This song really deserves a better treatment. It’s not that it sounds bad. It’s just that down the road it will probably feel very dated when this over-processed trend passes, as all trends do. There is still plenty of reggae on this, but overall it’s more like R&B based pop music.

Just Vibe (featuring Calico)

This is a pretty piece of music. It’s dreamy and has a great positive message to it. The vocals are more or less in the reggae rap vicinity. This is just a real “feel good” kind of number. It’s another that I like a lot. It’s really quite an ear worm.

I Don’t Wanna

There’s a bit of a spoken intro. That gives way to an acoustic guitar bit. The vocals bring some reggae to the table. The cut features multiple layers of vocals and some cool folk meets reggae musical arrangements. It’s a good number, but some of the vocals seem over-processed.

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