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Non-Prog CD Reviews

House of Love

She Paints Words in Red

Review by Gary Hill

Alternative rock with a lot of retro psychedelic stylings is the order of business on this disc. It’s quite entertaining, but sometimes gets a little too monolithic. Still, it’s definitely on the good side of the equation. There are some highlights and none of the songs are really weak. It’s just that taken as a full album it can get a little samey at times.

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Track by Track Review
A Baby Got Back On Its Feet
There’s an energized alternative rock meets classic pop rock vibe to this tune. It’s a strong one with some intriguing shifts and turns.

One of the main melody hooks on this might seem familiar to you. It reminds me of “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” There is a jangly kind of pop rock sound to the tune and it’s another good one.

She Paints Words in Red

This number feels like a classic psychedelic rocker from way back when. It’s got some tasty moments and is one of the highlights of the set.


This is awesome. It’s got a dreamy, psychedelic rock with modern elements added to it. The atmospheric tones here are just so cool. The melodies are powerful and subtle at the same time. This is just great stuff. There’s a harder rocking jam later that almost feels like Led Zeppelin.

Lost In the Blues

There’s a bit of a Beatles vibe to this in some ways. Add in that psychedelic sound and some alternative rock and you’ll be in about the right direction here.

Low Black Clouds

Here’s another superior tune. It’s got a lot of that psychedelic element in play and really works well. 

Money Man
We get a bit more straightforward tune here, but this is still very effective.
Trouble in Mind

This mellower tune is pretty. The psychedelic meets modern alternative pop vibe is overall unchanged, though. This is essentially a slow ballad. It’s got some good vocal harmonies.

Never Again

There is a more rocking vibe here. It’s got a real 1960s/1970s vibe to it. It’s jangly, bouncy and fun.

Sunshine out of the Rain

This is a slow moving, rather dreamy tune. It’s not bad, but also not all that special.

Holy River

Some great psychedelic rock and pop music seem to merge here. It’s definitely a step back in the right direction and has some great hooks.

Eye Dream

Here is more dreamy psychedelically tinged music. This one’s not bad at all, but it somehow feels like something we’ve already heard here. I think the formula has sort of run out by this point. That’s kind of a shame because it makes this a less than great closing tune not because of the song itself, but because of what surrounds it.

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