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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

Perhaps this isn’t progressive rock. I guess a lot depends on whether or not you consider Kraftwerk prog. Personally, I’d put them there and this, too. The funny thing is, looking at the cover you might think this is a metal act. Well, it’s as far removed from that as you could imagine. Really Kraftwerk is a pretty close fit. However you categorize this, though, I like it a lot.

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Track by Track Review

The opening sections of this make me think of Kraftwerk, but some of the melodies that emerge over the top seem closer to synthesized symphonic progressive rock. The processed, spoken vocals over the top a couple times reinforce that Kraftwerk link.

Electro Shock (feat. Remember Green)

Melodic electronic music with a lot of Kraftwerk built into is the order of business on this one. There are a lot of synthetic voices here and there.

Poliment (feat. Michel Moers)

There is a cool electronic groove to this and more real (still a bit processed) vocals. There are lots of intriguing layers of sound at times, too.

Beware Of The Destiny

Here we get an energetic and rather bouncy number.

Ghost Mind (feat. Dorvo)

There is almost a creepy kind of vibe to this one. It’s quite cool and arguably one of the best of the whole set. This is actually one of the most complex and dramatic pieces of the whole set.


The title track has a real dark, mysterious tone to it. It’s an adventurous cut that works very well. It’s definitely another highlight. I really love this tune and might consider it the best one here. It’s another that’s fairly involved and complex. It’s quite spacey and very cool.

Will I Get to Your Heart (feat. Michel Moers)

There is almost a pop rock vibe to this and the vocals are more “traditional” vocals.


There is a great space vibe to this number. It’s another killer tune that’s among the highlights here.

Red Angel

Here is one that’s very rhythmic in nature. It’s still got that Kraftwerk vibe, but also gets pretty close to dance music at times. There are some nice melodies later in the piece.

While Asleep (feat. Michel Moers)

This is more of an accessible tune, but otherwise in keeping with the rest of the set.

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