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Non-Prog CD Reviews


After the Blackout

Review by Gary Hill

This is a solid alternative rock album. It’s certainly not the most original or unique thing I’ve ever heard. It is, however, quite accessible and potent. For the most part it never feels redundant or tired. This is a solid disc that’s sure to please fans of this kind of alternative rock meets pop sound.

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Track by Track Review

There’s a bouncy kind of vibe to this little alternative rocker. It’s got a lot of Americana built into and some of the guitar chordings have an almost jazz sound to them. It’s a classy piece that at times seems to call to mind the more alternative rock meets prog acts like Radiohead.


While this has similar leanings as the opening tune did, there is more of a bluesy rock vibe to it at times.

City Hall

There’s definite rockabilly and old school blues on this cool rocker.

Who Does

Bouncy alternative pop rock is the order of business here.                 

This tune is a slow moving balladic piece that’s pretty and contemplative. It’s a good song, but does earn a big parental advisory for an “f-bomb.” Some of the other lyrics on this are questionable, too.
My Brain

Here’s more of an energized rocker with some alternative rock edges to it. There are hints of emo, too.

My Face

No major changes, this is just another solid number in the same vein as the rest of this.   The melodic guitar solo is nice.

My Teeth

A slower, mellower tune, this is more of a ballad. The earlier sections are acoustic based, but even when it gets more rocking elements it remains quite melodic. There are some rather jazzy, proggy twists mid-track.

Heros & Heroines

Harmonica opens this one. Although one might expect a folky tune from the introductory section, it’s really a fairly intricate and complex (and pretty) soft rock ballad.

Baby King

Slide guitar brings some bluegrass meets blues textures to this piece.

Just Enough

Here’s a mellow, melodic rocker that features a duet with female vocals.

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