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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Vibrators

On the Guest List

Review by Gary Hill

I had always thought of these guys as a punk band. That’s only so true, though. They definitely have an old school punk vibe a lot of the time. But, there is also some space rock and just a lot of good roots rock here. This is quite an entertaining set.

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Track by Track Review
View from My Cadillac

This hard rocker really makes me think of Hawkwind quite a bit.

2nd Skin

Although there is still some of that Hawkwind vibe here, this is more of a roots rock meets punk sound. The bass line is rubbery and there’s some great guitar soloing on the piece.

Automatic Lover

Take the sounds of the previous tunes and blend in some Clash and you’ll be in the neighborhood of this tune. It’s another energized and angry tune.

Every Dog

Hard rock merged with punk is the order of business here. This is a powerfully hard edged tune that just plain rocks.

Prisoner in the Mirror

Here’s one that’s more just straight ahead hard rock. Somehow there is a little bit of Roy Orbison in the mix here.

Turn up the Heat

More pure punk, there’s still a bit of a space rock vibe to this in some ways. It’s got one of the catchiest vocal hooks of the whole disc.

Rain to Town

Here one that’s more aggressive. The vocal hook on this tune is also quite catchy.

Baby Baby

This number is very much like The Ramones.

Birdland Is Closed
Rockabilly and punk combine on this tune.
One More

The riff that opens this feels more like hardcore punk, but the track works out to something closer to the Clash as it continues.

My Stalker

More aggressive and high energy, this is another cool rocker.

Rock n Roll Clown
This mellower tune is more melodic. It reminds me a lot of The Kinks.
The Ohio

Aggressive and raw, this is definitely pure punk rock.

Whips and Furs

Not as raw as the previous tune, this doesn’t sacrifice energy. I love the bass line on this and the vocal hooks are cool, too.

Long Beach Police

Somehow this makes me think of the Dead Kennedys just a little.

Voodoo Eye

Blues rock, complete with harmonica, meets punk. This is another killer tune. It’s arguably the strongest thing here, really.


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