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Non-Prog CD Reviews


The Middle

Review by Gary Hill

I could almost see this landing in the progressive rock heading. In a lot of ways it’s not that far removed from some of the modern alternative rock leaning prog out there. Personally, I think it lands more on the alternative rock end of things than the prog one, though. Still, however you slice this, it’s pretty good. That said, it does have a little tendency towards samey-ness

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Track by Track Review
The Middle

This melodic alternative rocker has a few different sounds and moods. It’s an effective tune.

Fashion Me a Drum
Energetic and more upbeat, this cut has a lot of intriguing alternative rock layers. It’s another strong tune. I particularly like the female vocals on this one.
There’s more of a dreamy vibe here. I really like the bass line on this one a lot. The non-lyrical female vocals are a plus, too.
I Believe
An upbeat pop tune, the horn section is a nice touch on this tune.
2020 Vision
Now, this one is very much a progressive rock piece. There’s a swirling kind of jam in the backdrop that calls to mind modern King Crimson a bit. We get some intriguing shifts and changes and this is very much like a King Crimson does 80’s pop rock kind of piece.
Electronic music merges with organic on this tasty pop rock piece.
Oh My Heart
There aren’t any big changes here, but this is another solid pop rock tune.
Half Race Girls
More energized, there is some reggae in the mix here. The keyboards also bring some classical music to the table. There is a little too much processing on some of the vocals for my tastes, though.
All the People
A mellower tune, this is more like a ballad.
Ready to Dance
Energized electronic music with lots of 80s pop sounds in the mix, this is cool. It’s a bit different than some of the other music, but still fits into the general concept.
This isn’t the best tune on the set by any means. It’s quite pure pop music. It seems at once a little over-produced and under-produced. In other words, some parts feel over-produced, while the vocals often seem intentionally mixed to be lo-fi. It’s alright, but arguably the weakest track here.
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