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Non-Prog CD Reviews

MonaLisa Twins

When We’re Together

Review by Gary Hill

So, if you liked a lot of the music of the 1960s, you will probably like this outfit. One of the best things going here are the vocals. They’ve got some great harmony vocals. That’s certainly a flash to the past. The music, though, is also very much in a folk rock and rock and roll tradition that fits well with the kind of music that was popular in the 1960s. Yet there are modern edges here. This is strong, accessible pop music with a great retro tradition at its heart.

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Track by Track Review
When We're Together

There’s sort of a playful old-time rock and roll and jazz vibe to the opening track (which is also the title track). This is a fun cut with some cool melodic guitar, a catchy hook and strong vocal performance.   

Won't You Listen Now
With harmonica built into the mix, this is a folk kind of cut. It’s not nearly as polished or effective as the opener. Still, there’s sort of an intimate charm to it.
This Boy Is Mine
Here we get a tune that’s quite strong. It’s got an old time rock and roll meets country music vibe to it. This is catchy and one of the highlights of the set.
I Don't Know Birds That Well
This gentle, fun and organic tune is very much the kind of folk rock that was so common in the 1960s, but with a bit of a modern flair to it.    
A mellower tune, this one has some great vocal harmonies. This really feels like something from the 1960s – and that’s a good thing.
One More Time
Old school rock and roll makes up the basic sound here. Of course, it’s still very much in a 1960s groove. This is fun.
Here’s a tune based on melodic folk rock. It’s another great retro tune.
The Wide, Wide Land
This has a lot of that folk rock built into it, but almost qualifies as progressive rock at times.
All About Falling In Love
Perhaps the most modern track here, this still has folk rock in the mix. It’s more of a modern pop rock tune, though.
I Wanna Kiss You
This is definitely more of an old school rock and roll cut. It works quite well.   
Nothing Is In Vain
Starting off very much like a 1960s folk rock piece, this works out to something a bit more modern. It’s another that has hints of progressive rock and plenty of modern sound built into the mix.
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