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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Slim Loris

Future Echoes and Past Replays

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite a cool disc. It covers a wide range of musical territory and does it all quite effectively. I suppose overall you could consider this to be an alternative rock album. It’s got a lot more than that going on, though. While there’s a wide range and various sounds represented in the same song sometimes, the disc flows well. There are a few songs that really stand tall, but none that flop. All in all, this is an entertaining release.

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Track by Track Review
Fear of Flying

Energetic alternative rock sounds lead us out here. This is a fairly straightforward journey, but there is a mellower section mid-track. There are also moments where the drums really stand out. This is catchy and pretty cool.

Head on the Floor
This has more of a bouncy folk rock vibe to it. I like the multiple layers of vocals on this tune.
With both male and female vocals, this is more or less a power ballad. It starts mellower, but quite bluesy. It grows out to a more energized jam and loses some of that blues element as it does. Some violin is put to good use later. There’s also an interesting section with vocals only accompanied by drums further down the musical road. This is one of the strongest tunes here.
While I Breathe
Another ballad, this one is even more mellow. It’s piano and symphonic strings only, other than the voice. It’s another highlight.
In Silence
There’s a cool retro pop rock vibe to this. At times I can hear some vague Beatles-links. There are also things that make me think of Radiohead. It’s quite a complex and involved tune, really.
Visions of Tomorrow
More of a bluesy hard rocking tune, I like this one a lot. It’s another of the standout pieces here.
I Will Forget
Another piano based ballad, this is good. It’s just not really a standout. The arrangement does get some intriguing layers of sound later, leaning towards progressive rock.
Clean as a Whistle
Folk, country and alternative rock blend on this rocker. It definitely has some elements to it that call to mind old-time folk music. There are even hints of Celtic music here.
Alternative rock blended with folk and singer/songwriter sounds are among the sounds here. This has an accessible powered up chorus and is another highlight of the disc.
This bouncy song has healthy helpings of folk and country music in its mix. It’s another of the more effective pieces here.
There’s a rocking little jam to open this cut. Then it drops to a piano ballad approach for the vocals. It grows out to a more rocking sound later. This is a powerful one in a lot of ways. It’s another that leans towards progressive rock at times, too.
October in White
Guitar and voice paint a picture as a ballad as this song starts and builds forward. Piano is added to the mix later, enhancing the arrangement as it joins.
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