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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Boston Boys

Keep Me Satisfied

Review by Gary Hill

I really like the sound on this EP. It’s pretty unique. There is overall sort of a modernistic, electronic sort of edge. Within that sound, though, there are soulful R&B sort of moments, things that land in blues territory and even some country edges. It’s all meshed into a sound that feels cohesive. This is an unusual and quite effective set. It leaves me wanting to hear more from these guys.

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Track by Track Review

Slide guitar opens this like an old blues song. From there it works out to something that has an almost Led Zeppelin kind of vibe to it. Yet, there is also an electronic, modern alternative rock edge here, lending a different flavor. The whole effect is unique and classy.

Violin opens this one. It works out from there into a soulful sort of jam that has both modern and classic sounds to it. This is an intriguing cut. The violin as the central instrument brings a certain unusual vibe to an arrangement that otherwise is pretty basic. The combination of sounds is a twist that’s both innovative and effective. They do turn it out to a more traditional sound later with a powered up arrangement. Even then, though, the violin is a key instrument in the mix.
Endless Creation

This is a bouncy sort of pop rock cut. There’s definitely some reggae in the mix here. This feels in a lot of ways like something Paul Simon might do. There is a soulful element here. There is also a real pop rock vibe to the cut. It includes some cool backwards tracking in the mix. A cool violin solo later lends a lot to this.


As this comes in there’s a real cross between Celtic music and bluegrass hoedown sounds. Of course, there are links to those two sounds, anyway. It drops from there, though, to a stripped back, almost electronic minimalist arrangement. As those different sounds are merged with a more soulful element, somehow I’m reminded just a bit of Prince.

Take Me Under
Starting as a pretty acoustic guitar ballad, this is soulful and effective. As it continues later there are some definite bluegrass elements in the mix. This is the mellowest tune of the set and quite a good one at that.
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