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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

I can definitely see some people disagreeing with this landing in progressive rock. For my money, though, it fits. It’s clearly not 1970s prog. Although, there are definite leanings towards groups like Kraftwerk, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd at times. Whatever you call this, though, it’s modern and artsy. It’s also a cool disc that works quite well.

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Track by Track Review

Imagine Kraftwerk with more of an organic element and some real groove to it. You’ll have a good idea of what this is like. I can make out some Hawkwind in the mix on this beast, too.

Your Life
There’s more of a dark rocking groove to this. It has a bit of a techno vibe to it in some ways. It’s a cool tune. I love the whole arrangement, but the piano really lends a lot to it.
Moving On
More cool psychedelic prog, this is heavy and also very tasty.
Plane Sight
Psychedelic and hard rocking, this is cool. I’m reminded a bit of early Pink Floyd. Some Radiohead influence is heard here, too. There are really some crazy shifts and changes on this before it ends.
Space rock mixes with something like Tool and some psychedelic rock on this cool cut. This is one of my favorites on the disc.
Phased Out
There is a bit of a punky edge here. It doesn’t lose the space rock vibe in the process, though. This is a rather weird, but very effective, track. I’m reminded of Robert Calvert a bit.
Point, Click and Kill
Drums open this up and it pounds out into a jam that’s quite like the punky side of Hawkwind. As the vocals come in, they reinforce that comparison.
Incidental Casualty
Another with a lot of punk rock in it, there is also quite a bit of psychedelic rock here. This is, perhaps, a bit more raw than a lot of the other music here. It’s got a nice driving rhythm section and some great momentum, though.
The End in Agenda
Early Pink Floyd combines with Hawkwind and some jazz in this space rock oddity. Although strange, this is very compelling and powerful. There is a frantic, crazed, noisy section at the end of this.
Standing Stones
Piano and vocals open this thing. It powers out to a more pure progressive rock jam from there. It’s still got plenty of that alternative rock with a dark edge vibe, too, though.
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