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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Cole Hermer

Cole Hermer and the Ravens EP

Review by Gary Hill

Sometimes less is more. I tend to think that’s the case here. This is just five songs and as such it works very well. I have a feeling that if they had tried to put more tunes here it might have taken away from the effectiveness of the set. The sound here seems to be a merging of classic rock, 1980s hair metal, alternative rock and punk with some singer songwriter elements. That sound is a bit on the limited side, but when provided in small doses like this, it’s incredibly effective. This is a great, no frills rock disc.

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Track by Track Review

The power ballad sounds that open this call to mind 1980s metal. There are some more classic rock vibes built into the tune, too. There is some great acoustic guitar soloing on this and overall it’s a cool tune.

Teenage Creed
Rockabilly and reggae seem to merge on this harder edged electric rocker. It’s a really smoking hot tune. I can see some comparisons being made to the Clash.
California Breakdown
There is definitely a Zeppelin like riff driving this, but the overall sound is more modern. There’s almost a punk rock edge here. The guitar solo here is really on fire. A more melodic movement is heard later in the piece.
Classic rock and singer songwriter sounds are the main musical concepts here. There is still a bit of a punky edge to this and there are some hints of that 1980s metal sound. All in all, this is quite a potent tune and a good change of pace.
This hard rocker has a lot of glam and some punk rock in the mix. It’s a killer no-frills jam that is very effective.
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