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Gun Club Cemetery

Gun Club Cemetery

Review by Gary Hill

In a lot of ways this feels like it could have been released in the early 1970s. There is so much classic rock in the mix on this thing. Most of this stuff leans toward the mellow side, but there are a few rockers. Personally, I think (with some exceptions) the more rocking material is the more effective stuff, but it’s all quite good.

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Track by Track Review
The Hollow Face of a Shallow Man

There’s almost a metal vibe to this as it opens. As the introduction continues, piano enters. The cut opens up to a jam that’s all classic rock and roll. Think Rolling Stones and other bands of that general ilk. This is a cool rocker that works pretty well.

Sunset Shadows
Some backwards tracked guitar is heard on the opening to this. As it works out to the song proper this is more in a 1960s psychedelic sound. It’s a cool tune and a nice change of pace. It’s slower and mellower and has a lot of style and character to it. The instrumental section is quite an interesting change. There is a bit more backwards guitar to end it.
Take Me Down Again

As good as the two openers were, this is just plain sublime. It’s based on a killer mellow guitar groove. It’s basically a ballad with a lot of soul and heart. This song by itself is worth the price of admission here. It reminds me of some early 1970s Rolling Stones, but I like this even more than I like a lot of that. This is just such a cool tune.

It’s in Your Smile

Another retro styled ballad, this is a good tune. It just doesn’t have the same level of magic as the previous one did. It’s more of a mellow folk rock song, very much based in the 1960s. There is some flute soloing mid-track.

We Can’t Always Be the Ones
Piano opens this. It’s another ballad, but the keyboards serve as the main backdrop here, rather than the guitar of the previous couple songs. This has a lot of magic and drama built into it. It’s another highlight of the set.
Get It Down

This time around we’re in more of an acoustic guitar based classic rock sound. That’s not to say this is a ballad. It’s more of a rocker than that. It’s just that the first verse is non-amplified. They bring it back down to acoustic based at times here. I’d say this is like Guns ‘N Roses mixed with a bit of a psychedelic rock vibe.

All I Want from You

This is a lush and intricate ballad. It’s very pretty and makes me think of some of the soft rock of the 1970s.

Before Sunrise

 Wow! This really feels like some long lost pop rock ballad from the 1970s. It’s classic in texture. It makes me think of something like The Raspberries.

No Regrets

More of a soft rocker, this feels like something The Eagles might have done in the 1970s – mind you with a different arrangement. It’s a good tune, but a little too light weight for my tastes.

Dead Inside

Here’s a rocker that has a real classic rock sound. This is another highlight of the set. The hooks are accessible and the sound is meaty.

When You Need a Helping Hand

There’s a bit of funky, soulful sound to this retro sounding rock tune.

Needle Aside

A 1960s styled pop rocker, this is energetic, a little raw and just plain fun. I love the piano on this cut.


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