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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Get the Hell

Review by Gary Hill

Who knew that anger could be so much fun? The lyrics to this set are mostly angry, definitely snarky and a lot of fun. This is R-Rated stuff. I could see someone putting it under “heavy metal,” but I think it’s more just great hard rock. It occupies similar territory to Motorhead, Guns ‘N Roses, Aerosmth and Van Halen. There isn’t a lot of variety here, yet it never feels tired or repetitive. It’s just enjoyable. 

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Track by Track Review

This short introduction is air raid sirens and panicked crowds.

Get the Hell
They power out here into a smoking hot riff driven jam. This is part Motorhead, part Alice Cooper and all cool. It’s got a gang chorus.
Something about You
A straight ahead rocking grind, this is a fun one. I love the slide guitar on it, but the whole thing is just tasty.
F*** Up
As you can probably gather from the edit I made to the title of the song, this gets a major parental advisory. With some harmonica in the mix, this powers out a bit like something from Aerosmith or Guns ‘N Roses. Comparisons to early Van Halen would be warranted, too. It definitely borders on heavy metal. It’s got some great riffs and is a lot of fun. They drop it back mid-track to a mellower segment. This is classic.
High Tonight
With more of a classic rock sound, there are even some hints of country in some of the guitar playing. It’s another high energy, effective rocker.
Pushin' Thru
There’s a lot of punk in the mix on this number. That said, the familiar characters in terms of musical references are still here, too. There are even some hints of that country element in the guitar solo.
Never Let Me Down Again
I love the smoking hot punk meets hard rock element to this piece. It’s got some of the best riffing of the whole disc and the vocal arrangement is noteworthy, too. In fact, this is arguably the best number here.
With more lyrical advisories, this rocker is high energy and cool. It’s got some punk in the mix, but really is a heavy metal piece more than it is anything else. I absolutely love the guitar solo section on this thing. It’s classic metal at its best.
Disaster B*****d
The riff driving this one really does make me think of Aerosmith. There’s another definite parental advisory on the lyrics for this. It’s a good time, hard rocking tune that works quite well.
Bein' Bad
The overall sound isn’t altered here, but they rock it out in style.
That's What You Get for Thinkin'
Punk is all over this rocker. It’s another that really feels like Guns ‘N Roses. There are some more mainstream trappings in the mix on this tune, too.
Shut Your Face
This is another that makes me think of Alice Cooper. I love the chorus on this and there is some great guitar work here, too.
Rock On
Drums start this.Punk and old time rock and roll seem to merge here. This is a mostly percussive tune, but it's still got melody. The gang vocals on the chorus work well, but the verse vocals really sell this. I swear I can hear some Stray Cats on this thing - or maybe Atomic Fireballs without the horn section. 
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