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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Vie Jester

Cognisense EP

Review by Gary Hill

I know I’m going to hear it over this one. Many of you will argue with this thing getting put under progressive rock. There are sections of this that are much closer to harder edged, metallic alternative rock. Still, there are other moments that seem tied to a lot of the metallic prog that’s out there. When you add in the fact that each song seems packed with changes and I’ll stick by the decision. These guys rock, either way.

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Track by Track Review

I love the way the riff driven groove really seems almost to swirl around. The vocals come in bringing more of an alternative rock vibe. Still, there are some proggy shifts and changes here and some atmospheric elements creating a powerful sound. They really rock this thing out but it’s got quite a bit in common with some metallic progressive rock acts in sound.

Players of Paradox
There’s a great hard rocking riff driven vibe to this thing. They run this thing through several changes. It’s a cool, slightly off-kilter piece that really jams. A more melodic movement later in the piece brings more of a modern hard edged progressive rock vibe. Then it gets intensified beyond that point, coming out really rocking.
The introduction section really makes me think of a lot of modern, crunchy progressive rock acts. They work it out to more of a groove after that, though. There is really a great, slightly off-center feeling to this thing. A more melodic jam later reinforces the prog leanings. It’s got a pretty busy percussion element to it. This thing really does take some unusual shifts and turns.
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