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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Sours

The Sours

Review by Gary Hill

This is a cool album. It’s more or less folk music, but there is quite a bit of range within that concept. This is mellow and the female vocals are quite effective. It’s mostly guitar based, but two songs (“Grit” and “Wish”) have piano.

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Track by Track Review

I love the intricate acoustic guitar that drives this. The vocals lend the perfect air to complete this folk rock motif. It’s pretty and gentle. Although it’s not a drastic change, the tone and focus alter later in the piece. It gets into more of a dramatic, mellow progressive rock sytled sound for a short time. Then they bring it towards acoustic guitar based classical music for an instrumental section.

Second Stop
More of a folk rock tune, the vocal arrangement really sells this. There are some dreamy layers of sound in the mix that land it more in the progressive rock realm, though. Most of those are delivered by the vocals.
A dreamy, echoey kind of vibe is heard on this. It also works out into some jazz mid-track. Beyond that, there are no huge changes here.
There’s a classic blues rock riff driving the main part of this. It gets alternated with a dreamy kind of proggy element, though. Plus there’s a short instrumental section that really has a lot of progressive rock and jazz in it.
Three Chandeliers
The first verse of this is delivered acapella. Then we get more of a folk motif for the next section. The song continues in that kind of vein from there.
With some hints of country music in the mix, this is a great folk number. I like the acoustic guitar soloing a lot.
A slower number, this works quite well. It’s pretty much pure folk music. Really, country folk and pop merge on the tune.
R for Regret
Dreamy and quite proggy sound is the order of business here. It’s got some great melodies and layers of sound. It’s quite a pretty track and one of my favorites on the disc.
This is a folk tune with some pop rock in the mix. It’s not bad, but not really a standout.
Piano adds a lot to this piece. It’s very much a jazz-oriented proggy tune.
This is a purely instrumental number.
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