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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jordan Rudess

All That Is Now

Review by Gary Hill

This is a solo piano album. The thing is, that’s not the easiest thing to describe in a track by track review. Let me just say that this has more range and scope of sound and emotion than one would expect on a piano only disc. It’s got some powerful and evocative music. It’s one of the best solo piano discs I’ve heard in a while.

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Track by Track Review
Flash of Hope

This piano solo really does feel hopeful. It’s evocative and pretty and very powerful.

Pacific Waves
A gentler piece, this is delicate and quite pretty. It’s restful, but has moments of majesty. It gets more energy near the end, but then drops back again, like a wave coming in and then moving back out to the sea.
Spectral Haze
Another that’s intricate and quite beautiful, there seems to be a sense of sadness here at times.
A Last Goodbye
As one might guess from the title, there is a certain sadness to this powerful piece, too. That said, it also seems to have a hopefulness, or at least a sense of closure and fulfilledness.
State of Being
There is a real element of well-being here. This feels positive. For lack of a better term, it seems “empowering.”
Flying into Blue
With more energy, this really does seem to take flight. It’s another that feels very positive.
A Thousand Years
There is almost an ominous tone here and a sense of mystery. There are some powerful moments as this gets more fully realized.
Although it starts sedate and gentle, this grows out to something powerful. It’s one of the prettiest pieces here.
The Telling
This starts delicately and ends that way, but in between it gets quite powerful.
Altitude High
There’s an inherent sadness and a bit of an exotic element here. It does get quite dramatic and involved later.
The Untouchable Truth
This is another potent piano piece that’s packed with emotion. It’s also very beautiful.
Looking Beyond
Powerful, this one is full of passion.
Eye Wonder
It’s hard to imagine a solo piano piece with more range and diversity. It really has a wide scope. Yet the whole thing is filled with beauty.
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