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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Chains of Logic

Age of Progress

Review by Gary Hill

Electronic music is the order of business here. This kind of “spoken samples over keyboard based music” concept isn’t overly original, but it’s quite effective. I don’t think I’d consider this so much the dance end of the spectrum as I would the pure electronica end. It’s not for everyone, but it’s quite good.

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Track by Track Review
I Love You

I love the electronic groove to this thing. The spoken female sound loops work really well, too. This is just a classy piece of music.

Terrigen Mists
With only two lines of spoken vocals that get repeated, this is cool electronic music. There is a little bit of an annoying stutter effect used here, though that takes away from the enjoyment of the piece.
Blue Lights
There is a definite percussive, rhythmic element driving this piece. Otherwise, it’s more of the same kind of electronic music as the rest of the set. There are no vocals on this one and it doesn’t seem to work as well for me on a visceral level.
Age of Progress
This one has more of a magical, hopeful vibe to it. The sound bite loops on it add to that kind of feeling. It’s one of the better pieces of the disc.
Age of Progress Part 2

The same spoken bits are included on this song. As the title suggests, it also continues some of the musical themes. The driving, powered up rhythm here, though, lends more of a feeling of the march of industry. It’s another strong number.

I like the energetic groove of this piece. It’s kind of fun while also lush.
Cause of Death
This is suitably a little creepy. It’s a cool piece of music.
I love the robotic section on this and the echoey layers of sound are cool, too.
Desperately Alone
I expected something that felt more lonely and forlorn than this does. It’s got a cool, almost symphonic vibe, though. This is good stuff.
This number features a non-stop spoken female voice reciting seemingly random numbers. The music is energized electronic sounds that at times wander towards jazz. This is one of the most satisfying pieces here.
There is a cool, energized space vibe to this number.
We're All in It Together
This isn’t a change from the rest of the music here. It works well, though. It has a good groove and some well placed spoken soundbites.
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