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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Under the Last Tree on Earth

Review by Gary Hill

The mix of sounds here is odd, but also compelling. These guys have a lot of shoegaze in the mix, but some Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and more. In general the songs don’t change quickly, but they do change. Additionally, the disc certainly progresses from piece to piece. This isn’t traditional prog or even traditional space music, but it is great.

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Track by Track Review
Dead Heart Souvenir

This starts off understated and works out to something a bit like an organic Hawkind. The vocals bring a more modern alternative meets prog vibe. The song is very much a space rock tune, though.

Abigail's Ashes Came Home Today
Trippy and dreamy, this combines modern prog with psychedelia. It has a bit of a dark vibe to it. Still, in some ways it makes me think of early Pink Floyd.  
Surprise Hitchhiker
Space rock with a punky edge and some alternative rock built into it is the main idea here. This is a great tune, really.
The Space Between Words
This instrumental is extensive at over eight minutes. It’s a dreamy, trippy piece. There is a more hard-edged, drone rock vibe to this later with some tasty distortion.
And You
A trippy, mellower tune, piano is a big part of this one. It’s noisy, but still rather sedate. It rocks out more in the later sections. This is moody stuff that’s very cool.     
Growing With the Growing Light
A more rocking tune, this has both more energy and a more positive vibe than a lot of the rest. There is still a psychedelic and alternative rock edge, but this is more decidedly progressive rock oriented, too.
Opiate of the Hoi Polloi
A trippy kind of mostly instrumental piece, this has some spoken vocals in the terms of television evangelist as a soundbite. This has a bit of a cool jam band meets psychedelic progressive rock feeling to it.   
The Serpent Fire (Everything Fades)
While this is no big departure, it has a bit of a Hawkwind vibe in some ways. It’s driving, but yet more subdued. It’s fairly lush. It’s also dramatic, accessible and powerful. It’s one of my favorites of the set.    
She Never Sleeps
Psychedelia mixes with modern progressive rock here, too. This is another great tune on a disc that’s full of great tunes. It’s not a huge change, but the droning kind of dreamy sound works really well.
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