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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Voices of Terror

The Rock Rap Dynasty

Review by Gary Hill

This new disc is a pretty cool hip hop album. The music is often keyboard and percussion based, but it rocks out sometimes, too. There is a lot of energy here. Despite the fact that the general concept is similar throughout, this never really feels “samey.” It should be mentioned, too, that there aren’t many “bad words” here. It does focus on a lot on conflict, though. So, it isn’t the most positive message out there. Still, this is a pretty thematically pure set. It’s really good stuff.

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Track by Track Review

There is an almost symphonic element leading up to the cut. Then it drops back to a percussion dominated sound for the rap. That string sound comes back after a while as the rap continues. This is angry. I really like some of the back and forth on the raps. Some of the overlayers of sound are lush and add a lot, too.

I Am the Beast
Not only does this track have some synthetic symphonic elements, it’s also got some great chorale styled vocals. This is great stuff and has more potent rapping.
D.E.A.T.H. of RAP
In some ways, I’d say the musical arrangement on this is even more lush and stronger. The raps are quite good, too. The percussion is pretty busy at times.
Lethal Weapon
This is more of a rocking arrangement. The rap is even angrier in a lot of ways. The lush vocal bits over the top later, along with the synthesized strings, add a lot to this.
The Old Gods
A very percussive jam is the concept here. The raps are strong and there are some name checks for classic rappers. There is a cool keyboard based section mid-track, too.
Insane Lyricist
I like the driving percussion here. This is another angry, high energy rap.
I love some of the imagery in the lyrics here. Musically this isn’t a big change. The flow of the raps seems particularly strong here, though. There is some cool rocking music in this number, too.
Although this isn’t a big change, it’s got a high energy vibe that’s combative and powerful. There are some cool musical moments.
There’s a bit more rock on this cut. I like the keyboard bit at the end a lot.
Save Me
This number has some cool driving keyboard sounds. The lyrics are very dark and rather insane.
This bonus track is a keyboard piece. I like this a lot. It has lots of percussion and some great melody lines.
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