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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Christina Holmes

Peace, Love and C. Holmes

Review by Gary Hill

The one thing you’ll notice first about this album is that Christina Holmes has an exceptional voice. She really manages to put a lot of feeling into her singing. Beyond that, this set has a somewhat wide range in terms of music. Overall, it lands in the pop rock vein. The only complaints I have is that a few songs are a bit overproduced and that it could use a little more variety in terms of tempo. Beyond that, though, this is quite strong.

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Track by Track Review
Give a Little Bit More

I love the vocal performance here. This is folk-like tune. The chorus feels a bit over-produced to me, though. Still, the hooks are catchy and it’s a good song.

Summer Fun
There’s almost a reggae vibe to this. The cut has too much vocal processing on it for my tastes, though. It is bouncy and fun.
Message for the People
This is a powerful piece. It’s got a soulful vibe to it. It doesn’t suffer from the over-production on the first two pieces. There is a bit of a rap mid-track. This has a great positive message “for the people.” This is one of the highlights of the set.
Sitting Here in Gansett
There is a great soulful groove to this one, too. It’s such a fun song. It’s one of my favorites here, as well.
Follow Your Heart
Another catchy pop tune, this one has a little bit of that over-produced element going. It’s still pretty good, and the problem isn’t as pronounced as it was at the start of the album. It would be nice, by this point, though, if there were a little more variety in terms of tempo. It’s starting to give a bit of a samey atmosphere to this, despite musical differences.       
Love Me Forever
Here’s another standout. There is a funky element here and a lot of energy. It has a great retro vibe, but still feels fresh. There’s a rap in the middle of this one.
I Will Remember
This folky ballad brings that tempo change we’ve needed. It’s also a strong tune. This does have a bit of an over-produced edge at times, though.      
I Love You
We get a great soulful vibe on this one. It’s energetic and fun.
Hold On
This is definitely over-produced. It’s an energetic pop rock tune beyond that, though. 
If You Believe
I love this energized tune. It’s got a lot going for it. The multiple layers of vocals and hooks make this a real winner.
Fell in Love for the First Time
This is not bad, but just kind of middle of the road. It’s a pretty standard pop tune.
Don't Block A Blessing
There’s a lot of funk in the mix on this soulful tune. It’s another highlight of the set.
We Know What Love Is
I love this powerful and rather complex ballad. It’s piano based and very pretty.
Love You More than Life and the World
This is good, but a little too repetitive and a little too samey.
Ignite My Flame
This is a slow moving balladic piece. It’s good, but has some elements of over-production. That keeps it from fully shining.    
Fade Away
Another ballad, this is such a pretty and sad song. The vocals are very heartfelt and evocative, and the whole piece works so well.


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