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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Welcome to Neptune

Review by Gary Hill

I like hip hop, I’m just not blown away by all of it. A lot of times the music is like an afterthought. Additionally, negative messages and gratuitous swearing are often a problem. This avoids most of those pitfalls to deliver an effective set. Keep in mind that there are definitely parental advisories here. It’s just that for the most part, it’s not what I would call gratuitous.

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Track by Track Review
Get em (Prod. by Jeremy Rocwell)

The music that serves as the backdrop here has a great fun groove and sound to it. The rap is pretty impressive. It has a great flow and is compelling. It does earn some parental advisories.

Come On Down (feat. Ayanna Williams) (Prod. by Cash Jordan)
A mellower, more dreamy kind of song, this is also less in your face in terms of the lyrics. It’s a smooth track and a really solid one.
Classy (Prod. by Kelly Portis)
Another smooth cut, this gets a parental advisory, too. It’s a bit too processed and looped for my tastes. Still, it’s pretty cool.
Doing Right (Prod. By JCaspersen)
This might be my favorite piece here. It avoids foul language and has some great raps. Perhaps even more important the smooth electronic groove is really classy. I love the ending.
Ain't What U Want (Prod. by Primestars)
When you talk about parental advisories for the lyrics, this one has it like crazy. It’s also very produced. Still, it’s quite a cool track. Layers of raps attacking each other work really well. The music creates sort of an almost creepy texture. The echoes and loops make this thing quite dramatic. This is probably my second favorite song here.
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