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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jason Masi

Power of a Woman

Review by Gary Hill

There is a real retro, classic soul element to this. That works really well. Sure, this is modern, too. It also works into other territory like country and jazz. I suppose it’s best to describe this as modern pop music with a lot of soul and more built into it. Whatever you call it, though, this is strong.

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Track by Track Review
How to Be Rich

There is a lot of energy and some great retro sound built into this. It’s a bluesy, soulful rocker with a freshness, but also a classic motif. It’s catchy and meaty and just a great tune.

Power of a Woman
The title track is a classy number. It’s got the same soulful, classic sound to it as the opener did. It’s definitely far from a carbon copy, though.
Never Alone
This feels like something that could have come out in the 1970s. There is a real jazzy vibe to it. It’s so classic in structure and delivery. It’s a great tune.
I Will Make It Up to You
Soulful, this rocker is more of a modern sounding piece. It’s got a bit of a singer/songwriter vibe and enough retro elements to keep it classic.
Come on out Tonight
There is a lot more of a modern pop rock sound built into this one. It has some modern country in the mix. It’s a strong tune. The strings add a lot to the mix, and the whole arrangement just works quite well.
Woman Will You Be My Friend
Some jazz is included in the mix here. This is another solid retro styled tune. Yet, it’s also modern in a lot of ways. It is definitely another soulful cut. The female vocals on this add a lot to the mix.
Together & Happy
Now, this one is very much a mellow country tune. The instrumentation and voice both lend that kind of sound. It’s a great change, yet it still fits with the rest of the music here.
Go With Me
I love the rocking sound of this thing. The vocals are soulful, but the song feels like some hard rocker from the 1970s in a lot of ways. This is one of my favorites here. Given the strength of everything on this disc, that says a lot.
Good Things
Rock and country music merge on this number. It’s a catchy piece with a positive vibe.
Modern alternative track is the concept here. There is a real familiarity to this one. It has some country in the mix, too, though. It’s a powerhouse tune. It’s one of the best here and a great choice for closer.


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