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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Syre & Fresko

Gonna See Miracles

Review by Gary Hill

This Australian outfit produces a sound that’s modern, but also classic. They have a dichotomy in terms of both male and female vocals, too. The one thing that’s true of everything here is that it’s compelling. This is great stuff no matter how you look at it. If you like pop music that has a lot of unique characteristics, check this out today.

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Track by Track Review
Broken Fragments

The little opening bit here makes me think of ELO just a bit. From there, though, it gets more of a modern indie pop edge. The guitar sound is tasty, and the piano adds a lot to the mix. The vocal arrangement really steals the show. This is great stuff.

Gonna See Miracles
The arrangement on this is quite lush. There is almost a progressive rock vibe to this at times. Still, it’s modern pop rock with an alternative edge. This thing is just so classy. There are hints of country music and more. It’s a powerful piece of storytelling.
Now, this is unexpected. It’s acoustic based and very folk oriented. It even has some country styled guitar bits in the mix. Still, it’s another powerful piece of music. This is an incredibly powerful piece. It’s poignant and evocative and definitely gets built up with additional layers of sound.
An energetic number, this has more in common with modern electronic dance based pop music. The vocals are quite strong and soulful, but this number feels a little overproduced and too artificial. If they’d dropped back just a little on that it would be stronger tune. Still, it’s pretty darned good despite that.
Plastic Dreams
They saved the best for last. The sound on this one just gels so well. It’s very much a modern rock masterpiece. The vocal hooks stand tall, and the music does a great job of supporting it. You’ll probably finding yourself playing this one over and over. It’s so strong.
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