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Non-Prog CD Reviews

My Son the Bum

Follow Me Like Me (feat. Brian Kroll)

Review by Gary Hill

There are quite a few elements of progressive rock that show up on this set. Still, it’s got a lot of straight rock and some metal. The mix of sounds is actually quite diverse. It’s quite strong, but somehow, I think I’d like to see something with a little more consistency in terms of sound. At times it feels like two different groups from one track to another.

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Track by Track Review
Follow Me Like Me

The rhythm section opens this. The cut works out from there. It’s a cool, driving, rhythmic number that really rocks. There’s a bit of Gothic rock vibe to it in a lot of ways. Some space rock elements are heard in the mix. Yet, this also makes me think of Marilyn Manson at times. A section mid-track combines a spoken vocal with an almost Pink Floyd like grind. It builds out in intensity from there before twisting into some near metal.

Death by Texting
This is sort of an upbeat pop rocker. Given the lyrical content, that’s a real disconnect. Still, that dichotomy is part of what makes this work as well as it does. And, it works well.
Everyday Is Halloween (In My World)
Feeling quite metallic, this is a real rocker. There are some unusual shifts and turns, and I’d actually consider this a crunchy progressive rock tune. That said, it’s got some oddly catchy hooks.
Flight Deck for Christmas
This is noisy and weird, but it’s also very progressive rock like. There are elements of modern King Crimson and this and it is a real stomper. Yet, there is a tongue in cheek kind of darkness to this. It’s got great hooks and it’s magical.       
Another that combines a pop rock vibe with dark lyrics. I can’t imagine a happier sounding song about drug addiction. I don’t know. Somehow it seems that this makes light of a serious problem. Don’t get me wrong, it’s anti-drug, but it just seems too cheery for the topic matter. This is a pretty lightweight tune in terms of sound, too. I’m just not crazy about it, despite some catchy hooks.
Edge Avenue
This one is almost heavy metal. In some ways it reminds me of King’s X a bit. It’s a stomper that’s quite good.
Killing Time Before Time Kills Me
I can hear some King’s X on this thing, too. It’s got a lot of funk and it just plain rocks like crazy. It’s a great tune. In fact, it’s one of the best here.
Codependent on My Phone
World music, pop rock and even some rockabilly seem to merge on this. It’s fun and a change, but not one of the highlights of the set.              
Youtube University
Here’s a pop rock tune with some emo in the mix. I should mention that I’m not a fan of emo, but it works like this. The cut is almost power pop in some ways. There are some proggy elements later and more of that King’s X thing, too.
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