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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jourdan Myers

Ruin Me with Love

Review by Gary Hill

Not everything here is progressive rock, that’s for sure. Several of the songs qualify, though. Several others have a blend of various sounds that could be considered progressive in approach. Then, when you add the art rock sort of elements, it seems clear this set belongs there. No matter where you land it in terms of classification, though, I like this a lot. There is a lot of variety, but everything is of a high quality. The vocals really shine throughout, too.

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Track by Track Review
Lifetime or Before

Starting with piano, this turns into quite a powerful piece of music. The vocals range from gentle and vulnerable to powerful and soaring. The music starts in that mellow motif, but build out into soaring progressive rock based sounds. This is quite a dynamic and strong number. It’s a particularly effective opener.

Long Days
This doesn’t reach quite the heights of the opener in terms of the musical arrangement. Nor is it as dynamic. The vocal hooks are catchier, though. In addition, I’d argue that the vocal performance is more impassioned. It is really the vocals that make this the strong cut that it is.
Push Me on the Playground
The musical arrangement on this is quirky and jazzy. It’s also incredibly infectious. This is another that has a lot of progressive rock in the mix. It’s also another winner.
Mellow and delicate, this is a pretty piece. It has some world music and some folk built into it. It does get a more powered up arrangement for part of the piece.
The Fight
This is considerably artsy. It’s also got a powerful vocal performance.
Another that lands quite firmly in a modern progressive rock territory, this has a lot of solid guitar, but also plenty of symphonic elements to it. It’s a real powerhouse and one of the highlights of the disc.
Voice of Silver
Another powerful piece, there is plenty of prog built into this along with some space rock.
Trippy space rock, classical music and more are combined on this piece. It’s definitely another that fits along the lines of modern progressive rock. The thing is, the vocals don’t really stand out as much here as they do on other pieces, but that doesn’t matter. This is great.
End of Me
This isn’t necessarily a proggy tune. It’s a stripped back and mellow one, though. It has a tendency toward being delicate and vulnerable. There is some blues in the mix.
Dusty Roses
Bouncy and fun, this has some great symphonic elements. The catchy vocal hooks are the real shining stars here. This isn’t a prog song at all, but it is cool. Banjo brings an intriguing flavor, too.
Be Here
The arrangement here is stripped back and has a lot of classical and old time pop music in the mix. It’s a pretty cut, if a bit old fashioned and stripped down. There is a bit of a proggy section right at the end.
Slow Motion
Seeming to come out of the previous piece, this has a real space music kind of vibe. As it builds out, it’s definitely progressive rock in a lot of ways.
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