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Devastation in the Void

Review by Gary Hill

This is a set from Japanese punk rock legends Slang. There is quite a bit of range here. It has some thrashy metallic stuff, hardcore punk and more. It’s definitely extreme. It’s also quite effective overall. The formula does get a little monolithic at times, though.

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Track by Track Review

This is crazed hardcore punk. It shifts this way and that and is angry and noisy.

Apocalypse Now

The opening section here is closer to heavy metal. Then they launch out to more raw hardcore. This is furious and fierce.

Hill Of Corpses
This is more straight ahead. It feels a bit like Motorhead in some ways. It’s also one of the most metallic things here. The melodic jam mid-track is a cool change.
Yoshimura Hideki
Fierce and furious hardcore, this one is a bit strange.
There is definitely a metal vibe to this thing, but extreme metal. This is intense and pretty complex.
Death of Democracy
Here we get more crazed hardcore.
Reason of Brutality
More of the same, the formula is starting to get a little old. Still, this has its moments.
Vicious Nuclear Fuel Cycle

I like the fast paced vocals on this cut. It has a real take no prisoners approach.

The End of the Nuclear Era
Furious, this is all starting to feel the same.
Cursed Dawn
Hardcore punk and thrash merge here.
162 Graves
The bass starts this. Then they bring it into a jam that’s quite like old school thrash. It’s a powerhouse and one of the best cuts here.
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