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Non-Prog CD Reviews

John Taglieri

Days Like These

Review by Gary Hill

Although I suppose you could best describe this as “rock music,” that’s a pretty wide header. This seems to have a lot of range within that scope, too. It’s also all quite effective. This is the kind of thing that should appeal to a wide range of listeners. Give it a try. There’s a good chance you’ll like it.

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Track by Track Review
Days Like These

Although this is mainstream rock music, it has some hints of progressive rock in some of the tones. The energy and hooks on this are classic and classy. This is a great way to start the set in style. I love the guitar soloing on the final segment of the song.

Here for the Taking
This comes in hard-edged and energetic. It drops to a modern country ballad styled movement for the vocals, though. That gets balanced out by more of that hard-edged rocking sound. Although this isn’t quite as effective as the opener was, it’s still very strong. I love the vocal arrangement and the whole construction of the piece.
Beautiful Tonight
Although this isn’t bad, it just feels a little awkward and overproduced. It’s definitely not my favorite thing here. Still, it’s a decent pop song.
Thin Air
A slower, mellower cut, this definitely might be my favorite tune here. It’s packed with emotion and cool textures and sounds. It’s a modern pop rock tune with some hints of country music and more.
Finish Line
More of a power-ballad, this is another that’s good, but not exceptional. Still, it has its charms for sure.
Toasting the Man in the Moon
A hot hard rocking tune, the vocals are a little rough around the edges here, but overall this is quite a strong tune. It’s got some great musical moments and catchy hooks.
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