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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Mangoes

The Mangoes

Review by Gary Hill

This is filed under progressive rock because there is enough prog here to put it there. It’s definitely got a lot of classic pop rock and psychedelia built into it, too. This is kind of like Klaatu at times, but also very much like The Beatles. It doesn’t stop there in terms of references, though. There is quite a range here, but it’s all definitely quality.

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Track by Track Review
I Told You So

A perfect pairing of progressive rock and classic pop rock, this is a fun tune. It calls to mind bands like The Beatles, Klaatu and Sweet.

Mangoes Overture / Over
A symphonic styled fanfare opens this. Then it drops to some atmospherics before they take it into the song proper. It’s sort of a power ballad that has a lot of progressive rock built into a classic pop rock arrangement. There is a lot of Beatles styled psychedelia in this thing.
Barista Girl
Latin world music is the basic musical concept here. There is still a bit of a mainstream pop rock sound built into it.
Samba Mambo
As one might guess from the title, this instrumental has quite a bit of Latin sound built into it, too. It also has some progressive rock and some jazz. There are moments that make me think of Santana. References to the Doors wouldn’t be out of the question at times, either.
The Future (Will Be Yours)
There is definitely a lot of jazz built into this one, too. This is a fun little shuffle. Some parts of it think of some of Frank Zappa’s arrangements. The piano solo section is classy.
Together (You and I)
I mentioned Klaatu earlier. This is very much reminiscent of that band. Add in some Sweet and you’ll be pretty close to the sound here. It’s bouncy and quite catchy.
Stupid Chorus
This is different. It has a real electronic dance music vibe. The vocals and all fit that sound. Although this brings some variety, it doesn’t work all that well for me.
This harder rocking tune has quite a bit of that Klaatu and that Sweet sound both built into it. It’s a fun number. It’s definitely one of the proggier ones, too. The instrumental section runs through quite a few shifts and changes. It has a lot of psychedelia, prog and jazz built into it.
Headed for a Fall
There is definitely a lot of Beatles sound built into this. It’s a powerful number that’s kind of a power ballad. Still, there are plenty of progressive rock things going on here. The symphonic elements are great. The hooks are classic, and the guitar playing is meaty. This is one of my favorite tunes here.
The Future (Will Be Ours)
A hard rocking jam, there is some Klaatu here, too. It’s a killer number with plenty of progressive rock in the mix.
This short instrumental has a lot of prog and jazz built into it.
200 Yards
More of a pure pop tune, they still manage to put some progressive rock into this.
Dirty Love
A mainstream classic rock styled tune, this is great stuff. It’s quite accessible and potent.
A mellower piece early, there is some Eric Carmen in this, along with a lot of Beatles. Still, there are enough twists and changes here to bring the progressive rock. It becomes more of a powered up ballad later, too.
No Future
This proggy ballad is quite symphonic in terms of arrangement. It’s a pretty and sad number.
The opening section of this really makes me think of Genesis. It works to more weird psychedelic prog from there, though. ELO is a valid reference in some ways. There are some backtracked things on this short number that’s mostly instrumental.
This instrumental is a full on progressive rock treatment. It’s quite classic and tasty, too.
Broken Soul
A harder rocking piece, this is such a perfect combination of classic 1970s pop rock with progressive. It’s very timeless and powerful.
The Mangoes Theme
With some progressive rock built into it, this feels very much like a theme song from some 1970s cartoon.
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