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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Consider the Source

World War Trio Part 1

Review by Gary Hill

This EP consists of one epic piece divided into multiple movements. This is great progressive rock. It has a modern edge, that much is certain. While each segment has its own identity, there are musical themes that run throughout. This isn’t a short thing, by any means. It’s over twenty minutes in length from start to finish. I think this instrumental track is quite strong. I’d love to hear a full length from these guys.

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Track by Track Review
Put Another Rock in That Bag, Pt. I

Some tapping sounds along with electronic music start this. It works to harder rocking elements with a real driving energy. There is a real space rock vibe to it. The introductory section is one where it sounds like theremin at times. There is no theremin listed in the credits, though, so I guess it isn’t. Either way, the contrast between cool hard rocking motifs and mellower, but still energetic, electronic ones is great. It bursts out before the two minute mark into something not that far removed from technical metal. There is quite a bit of classical music woven into that section. As it continues I can make out some world music in the mix. Around the five minute mark it drops way down to segue into the next movement.

Put Another Rock in That Bag, Pt. II
As this comes out of the previous movement, a new electronic element emerges that’s similar to the sound that started off the set. I’m reminded of both Pink Floyd and King Crimson there. The piece works out to more of a melodic prog jam from there. Yet, it’s obviously related to what has come before it. It drops to a mellower reiteration of the kind of sound that started the whole suite off to continue into the next one.
Put Another Rock in That Bag, Pt. III
This comes out of the previous piece feeling slower and mellower. It’s very much like fusion in a lot of ways. It gets a bit more of a Pink Floyd like treatment added into the mix in some ways as it continues. It eventually works out to more hard rocking music that makes me think of Rush a bit, though.
Put Another Rock in That Bag, Pt. IV
Coming out of the previous movement, this has a real rhythmic presence. It also makes me think of Nektar a bit, along with space rock. There are some considerably melodic sections, as well. It’s one of the cooler movements here, but everything here is strong. This one also has sounds that make me think of theremin. This also has some of the hardest rocking music of the set, leaning towards metal at times.
Put Another Rock in That Bag, Pt. V & VI
The jamming that brings this into being really makes me think of modern King Crimson. As it builds out that merges with almost metallic music, fusion and more. It shifts to a fast paced space music later with more of that thermin sounding stuff. Some of the music from the first track emerges here, too, really tying the piece together nicely. The noisy closing section makes me think of a space rock version of early Rush.
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