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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Kathy Muir

Book Cover Judge

Review by Gary Hill

Country music, folk, blues and more combine on this disc. There are several songs that make me think of The Carpenters, but with different vocals. However you label this, though, it’s a compelling and effective release.

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Track by Track Review
Head Down

There is a great bluesy vibe as this starts. It works out to more of a modern rock element as it continues. The vocal arrangement and performance here really sells the song.

Soul Lover
With some country in mix, this is more of a modern pop rock tune. It’s a good song, but not quite the level of piece that the opener was.
Keep on Walking
An acoustic based piece, this has a lot more country music in the mix. It’s mellower than either of the two openers. The evocative vocal performance really makes it work. The later sections get more involved. In a lot of ways this makes me think of something like The Carpenters.
You’re on My Mind
The same pop music element is at play, but there is a lot of jazz here. I can make out some more of that Carpenters vibe here, too.
Lover’s Eyes
There is plenty of folk music here. This has a cool driving element, too.
Back to You
While there is no huge change here, this energetic rocker is one of the best here. The vocal arrangement just really grabs me.
Always Forever
Now, this one really makes me think of the Carpenters. It’s an intricate and mellow song. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s very pretty.
I Will Be There
With more jazz in the mix, this isn’t a huge change, but instead a great song in the same general flavor.
You and Me Both
A bit more modern in terms of the pop sound, this is perhaps closer to something like Shania Twain.
Seattle Mornin’
With a lot of folk music built into it, this mellow piece again reminds me of The Carpenters.
Ride These Times
This is a lot more of a rocker. It’s a great tune, too.
This song has a pretty complex vocal arrangement. It also grows musically. At times it makes me think of the Carpenters, too. This one of the best tunes here. That makes it a great choice for closing number.
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