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Leah Capelle

Leah Capelle

Review by Gary Hill

The vocals are the one unifying thing here. From there, the mix of modern pop, folk music, rock and evne some country is pretty diverse. That voice is like the thread that ties all the pieces together into a satisfying set. I like this quite a bit.

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Track by Track Review
Would You Know

An effective modern pop type number, this has a lot of folk built into it. It’s definitely catchy and mainstream and quite folk based.

In a Boat
As opposed to the guitar based style of the previous song, this is led by piano. It’s a very powerful and beautiful piece of music. It’s more complex and intricate than the opener was. It’s really rather soaring and almost progressive rock in some ways. I would say that comparisons of something like Renaissance wouldn’t be out of the question. Still, this is more of a modern pop song than that would indicate. The vocal delivery is potent and more dynamic than the one on the first tune.
Natural Disaster
A piano arrangement starts this out, but it turns to a really rocking tune after a short time. As good as the last couple songs were, this blows both of them away. It’s got a lot of emotion and power. It also has a great balance between the returning mellower movements and more rock based ones.
My Love Has Dried Up
We’re brought back into acoustic guitar territory here. This is less folk oriented than the opener was, though. It’s also more dynamic. It’s kind of a rocker at times. It should be mentioned that this song does earn a parental advisory.
My Confession
There are connections to modern country music here, but overall this is more of the general style of pop music we’ve heard throughout the set. It does get closer to an alternative rock style later, though.  It’s a solid song, and a bit of variety. It’s not one of the highlights, though.
This Storm
Piano and strings serve as the backdrop for this beautiful ballad. The vocals really bring the emotion, but the music works to augment that.


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