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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Andre Perim


Review by Gary Hill

The mix of sounds here runs from space rock, progressive rock, jazz, electronic and more. There is a lot of work music built into this, too. It’s quite an effective set. It makes good use of variety to keep it interesting start to finish.

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Track by Track Review

I really love the tribal percussive elements on this cut. Beyond that, this seems to combine space rock, jazz and electronic sounds. The tapestry is at once grounded in world music and soaring with a space age futurism.

Mellower and more atmospheric, tribal percussion again drives this cut.
This is much more of a bouncy little retro jazz number.
Here the mix of space and jazz with world music is brought back. Different sections of the piece focus more on different angles of the concoction. There is definitely some full on space music near the end.
Jazz piano is the concept of this number. In fact, it’s an unaccompanied piano solo that’s pretty and intricate.
Mapa Mundi
Fast paced piano drives this one. It’s more of a pure progressive rock styled piece with some definite energy.
There is a playful sense to this piece. It’s more of a pure melding of prog and jazz with a real retro flair.
Vento Lunar
Another jazz, prog space offering, this is fun.
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