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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Blast Unicorn

Van Halo

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite experimental. Not everything works completely for my ears. The thing is, if you like touch guitar, you’ll find plenty to like here. It wanders toward strangeness quite a bit. It also gets in the neighborhood of things like metal, King Crimson, Rush, Kraftwerk and Frank Zappa. It’s quite a ride overall.

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Track by Track Review
Van Halo

Heavy and crazed, this makes me think of Rush a bit, plus some metal and King Crimson. It’s an intense cut that makes a great opener.

Just Chillin'
More percussive and electronic, this is fast paced. It’s also suitably weird and yet tasty.
With more of a noisy element to it, this is also crazed.

This is just a short little bit of soundscape.

Blast Unicorn: Final Exam
Mellower and more electronic, this is twisted yet also pretty. It gets crunchier and heavier as it continues, moving towards modern Crimson territory. This is one of the weirdest things here. Given the competition, that says a lot.
Here we get another short bit of strangeness.
Somehow this feels more melodic. It’s still got plenty of fast paced sound and oddities, though. It does get pretty hard edged after a while.
König Kaiser Kingdom Castle
Somehow, this makes me think of Frank Zappa in a lot of ways. It’s electronic and almost like Kraftwerk meets Zappa to me.
Music Face
This one is definitely a short bit of noise.
Ausgeburt of Love
Very hard edged, this is also quite crazed.
This is very much like modern King Crimson. It’s fast paced, hard rocking and very bizarre, but somehow compelling.
Hack in the City
Here we have another short bit of noisy musical connecting tissue.
Bobtail Builder
Bombastic and percussive, there is a pounding to this. Yet there is also melody present. It gets pretty intense at times and is quite dynamic, really.
There is a lot of modern King Crimson in the mix here, too.
More melodic and spacey, this is cool.
This is far more percussive in nature. The melodic elements take the front later in the piece.
King Crumble
Much more of a stripped down piece of weirdness, this is cool, too.
Godshaped Ice Cream
This is the most mainstream thing here. There is almost a playful element to it. It’s bouncy and a little bit on the fun side. It’s my favorite piece of the disc.
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