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Non-Prog CD Reviews


The Black Sky Sequined

Review by Gary Hill

There is quite a wide variety of sound presented here. There is everything from punk to pop to rock, country and singer songwriter music. This is quite an entertaining set.

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Track by Track Review
Gen Exit

Pop rock, punk and more merge here. This is just great rock music. It’s not far removed from power pop. It’s modern and yet classic at the same time.

Come Back July
This has more of a singer songwriter vibe to it. There are even some hints of country in this. It’s not nearly as strong as the opener, but still pretty good.
I Don't Want To Go Home
There are definitely hints of country music here. That’s mixed with the same classic pop rock we heard on the opener. This song isn’t as strong as that one, but it’s a step back up from the previous one.
There’s a stream of consciousness kind of vibe to this in some ways. It’s a hard rock meets jam band and singer songwriter kind of tune. It definitely has its moments, but isn’t one of my favorites.
Me and My Baby
I love the roots rock vibe on this bluesy stomper. It has some killer guitar soloing, too. It’s one of my favorite tunes here.
The Cycle
I really like this instrumental a lot. It grows and yet maintains a pretty constant element. It has some great melodic guitar soloing, too.
Tiny Town
There are no big changes here. This song is a little lackluster, but it has a great guitar solo.
Everybody Wants Me To Love You
Although there are no huge changes here, this roots rocker is one of the best of the set. It definitely has some punk and some power pop in the mix. It’s a lot of fun.
I Never Changed
Not one of the best, this still works pretty well. It’s not got any real surprises, but it does have some more of that great guitar work.
I love the lyrics to this one. It pokes fun at the whole concept of our current society where everyone is face down into his or her phone. This rocker has an unusual arrangement, too. It’s a fun number. I really love the instrumental section at the end and particularly the horns.
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